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Tavern to Another World Review



Yeah I know that the title is very simple, and it really is because I just parodied 'Restaurant to Another World' by changing 'Restaurant' with 'Tavern'. The reason for the title is because we have Fantasy Tavern Sextet volume 2 was released for PC back at 18th (Steam page of it), and that the premise is like Restaurant to Another World with a difference in that the tavern owner can't freely travel between his world and another world along with the obvious difference in that the MC manage the tavern instead of restaurant. Anyway as for this week generally it's quite plain mostly because we have less update compared to the last week, although perhaps it can be said that this week is a breather before Rance Quest release at 25th later. That said, at least we still have some updates from fan translation along with Kirikoi Kickstarer (KS) for physical edition (The Kickstarter page of Kirikoi in case you want to help the funding) and Verdelish stable update on Slow Damage (Currently at 67% translated), so this week here is still interesting to a degree. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Frontwing decided to scrap the plan for PSV version of Sharin because of some internal problem, so it's just too bad that anyone else who back for PSV version won't get what they want. While granted that it's quite disappointing to anyone else who back it, my feeling here is pretty much whatever because I didn't have PSV and Sharin itself is redundant seeing that we already have it translated from way back at 2009. As for Sekai new Orcsoft nukige, turned out that it's their ninth secret project which mean that it already has a progress for a while (I'd ignore their secret project because if we look at it in the past it might be either translated to Chinese first or OELVN), and in this case they already fully translate the script along with halfway edited it. We also have Island Diary website list the release date, and in this case it'll be at March 19th later. That said the release date is still in Japanese language though, so for now I'll just wait and see whether they'll release it in three languages simultaneously (Just like back at Loca Love Volume 2 release) or separately later, although VNDB did list that it'll be three language release.

As for this week fan translation updates, currently we have Watamasu was at 15% in QA, the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 63.6% reworked, and Eustia was past three quarter (75.83%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 42.63% TLC-ed along with Eustia's chapter was also past three quarter (80.51%) TLC-ed and side stories was past a quarter (30.62%) TLC-ed. Almost forget to mention that we also have Spice and Wolf DS full translation patch release, so you can play it if you want to play as Lawrence stand-in in order to date Holo along with trying some business simulator gameplay (Go get the translation patch here and have fun). That's all for fan translation updates at this week.

As for Kirikoi KS, Nekonyan did say that in case the KS fail they'll still release it because the KS goal was for physical edition. It would be interesting to see it happen, although obviously it won't happen because they already successful with the current gathered fund was at 41,561 euro (The base goal was only 5,000 euro, which mean currently they gather eight times of the base goal) so congratulation on the success of Nekonyan's second KS. Another plan that came with Kirikoi KS is that they'll release the trial as the feedback from Aokana KS in that the backer didn't have enough opportunity to get know more of the heroines, and the trial for Kirikoi itself will be coming in the first couple weeks of the campaign (The KS was started at 19th for the info). Since currently Nekoyan did hold the KS and the KS will be end at March 28th later (ie 33 days left), logically the release date for Kirikoi will be changed and the new release estimation will be at May later. As for the reveal of their secret projects, apparently it'll coming within next couple of weeks so for now we can only wait seeing that currently Nekonyan did finalize the sites and promotional material for the secret projects.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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