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Demon Queen and the Seven Princes Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I'll explained it at PS later. For this week, I think it's less interesting seeing that there's no big release like Rance Quest although on the other hand we have Taisho x Alice Episode 3 release so perhaps it would be very interesting week for otome fans. Other than Taisho x Alice Episode 3 release, we have new project with the goal to translate Hokejo along with some updates from both fan translations (Some of those are quite big) and Sol Press. So overall this week is not too bad, or rather it's quite interesting if we look at the updates alone. Note that by the time I write this I know that both of Sekai and Nekonyan did their big updates (Nine Episode 4 release date announcement and Kirikoi trial release respectively) at the same day today, but I'll save the talking for next VNTS Review. Anyway let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

For Sol Press updates (I admit that I did almost forget that Sol press have their updates at the month beginning), we currently have Sakura Celebration was in QA and Nukitashi was at 90% edited. No much to say other than perhaps we finally can have first translated Windmill VNs at this year and hopefully they finally can work on the rest of their licenses or at the very least have Irotoridori or Nukitashi released, although I know that it's asking too much of them right now. As for Cherry Kiss nukige (Conquer and Breed the Demon Queen), the premise is about an adventurer who somehow summoned the demon queen and he was supposed to making love with the queen until the queen pregnant as per title said in order to fulfill their contract. Go get the nukige if you want to see on how the MC do his best to fulfill the contract, and have fun.

As usual Verdelish did good job with her progress on Slow Damage, and currently it's been at 80% translated. Speaking of Verdelish's work, we have Taisho x Alice Episode 3 release in which this time our female MC Alice will have the date with both of Snow White and Wizard. As for Episode 3 here while granted that the routes are still standalone to a degree, actually it also reveal the plot that already happened since Episode 1 and that it also have one more chapter called Epilogue in which it's tell the conclusion of the story, so perhaps you may wait for a while until the Epilogue released. Still if you want to play it immediately in order to date both of handsome Snow White and Wizard and can't wait for now, go get the VN on Steam and have fun.

As promised I'll tell the updates on Chaos Head Noah, in which they reach three quarter milestone (At 75.80%) translated along with the common route was at 66.21% translated and that they already finished translating both of TIPS and true ending. Other than Noah's update, we also have 2,500 out of 15,087 (16.57%) lines from Tsui no Sora Remake was translated, the lines from original Summer Pockets was at 66.3% reworked, and Eustia was reached 80% milestone (81.97%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 44.02% TLC-ed and side stories was past halfway (51.36%) TLC-ed. There's also Amayui patch release in which it did fully translated all of the dialogue that was released back at December. While normally it should be good for Amayui's fans seeing that the interface patch is more than enough to understand the gameplay, too bad that the patch didn't translate the sex scenes. While I know that I will skip the sex scenes when I play Amayui, I would prefer if I can chose to skip the sex scenes and read it later instead of unable to read the sex scenes because it's untranslated. At least you can still read the story of Amayui with the patch, but obviously it's still partially translated because of the untranslated sex scenes so keep that in mind before trying the patch.

For Hokejo itself, the premise is that we have our MC as male school nurse that also work as the one who sent the lost soul and somehow also work together with the loli ghost that serve as the main and single heroine. From there we can see on how the MC will do his work oh how he'll try to help the soul to clear his regret while at the same time the MC get closer to several girls at his school. Other than the story, it's also interesting to note that Citrus here is the branch company of Navel and the writer (Nakahiro) here is also the one who wrote two of FAVORITE VNs (Hoshimemo and Astral Air), so it's understandable if the main heroine here is white haired mysterious loli in which it present at both of his FAVORITE VNs and Hokejo here. Anyway you can visit the translator website here, and currently it's been at past a quarter (26.5%) translated along with 0.4% edited.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title since we have Cherry Kiss Games released their nukige with the title 'Conquer and Breed the Demon Queen' along with the release of Taisho x Alice Episode 3, I decided to make the title as 'Demon Queen and Seven Princes'. For more explanation while the Demon Queen part is very obvious, for the Seven Princes part it's from the number of heroes in Taisho x Alice in which it's seven. I know that not all of the heroes are princes in their fairy tale (Taisho x Alice heroes are based on the gender bender female characters in fairy tale), but since we have Kingdom hearts mentioned seven Disney heroines as Seven Princess of Hearts (With one of those aren't in Disney's film) I think it didn't matter much. For other reason, the title here is the variation of the title Disney version of Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) in which the Snow White here is also one of the hero in Taisho x Alice Episode 3.

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