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Meganekko Romance Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (03/04/2018)

As for the title, since we have two eccentric VNs from Sekai at this week, I just combined both of 'Creature Romance' and 'Girl in Glasses' into 'Meganekko Romance' (TL Note: Meganekko literally mean Girls in Glasses). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and compared to the last week we didn't have many interesting release (Other than those two Sekai VN that I mentioned), but of course we still have some updates for this week like usual with some surprise. Now let's see what I could write for this week as well.

As for the surprise update, we finally have JAST ready for another VN release. Although unfortunately it wasn't Flowers Summer though, so I'm more or less just think not much about that ie not interested. The VN in question was Sweet Home, and from the record apparently it's already in process for years since when it picked up back at 2013 - at least it only took almost 5 years to be released lol. From the premise, we have MC who back to his house because his old apartment was burnt, only to find out that his house was became the girls boarding house. Long story short, the MC who is an university student managed to stay and his house and get steamy with the girls as well. Yeah this is nukige all right, and that's another reason of why I didn't interested with the release - JAST usual release pattern didn't help at all. At least they also already did have the exact date for the release, which is at May 1st later - also ready for pre order as well.

From Sekai, once again we have both Creature Romance and Girls in Glasses released. As for my comment at least the latter (Girls in Glasses) was more in line with normal VN, even though the girls were wearing the glasses (Duh). While for the former (Creature Romance), what I can say is that maybe it could be appealing for the people who somehow managed to develop a fetish to grasshopper, because our main heroine was looks like a grasshopper only that it's a human size as well - to each of their own I suppose. There's also another update from Sekai in which at least they managed to address the untranslated text problem from Tokeijikake, which at least it good that Sekai try to be responsible about their mistake. Apparently there's a bug that still persist in the new engine that caused the problem, so obviously I would suggest Sekai to do another QC before the release. Although apparently they ignore that bug though back when it was reported by their QC staff, so I don't know what to say. I just hope that they won't repeat that mistake in the future for both of Daybreak and Morning Mist.

As for Frontwing's Momoclo KS, right now they managed to gather 25,918 out of necessary 35,000 funds or in percentage it would be Momoclo was at 74% funded with 17 days left, so at least it goes well for now. For Newton VN, right now common route was at 89% translated and Haru's route was fully translated (Lavi's route was fully edited as well), and fir the next plan they'll work on Emmy's route. Other than both of Momoclo KS and Newton VN, we have Nekonyan announced the exact release date for Fureraba which is at 30th later and coincidentally it will be at Good Friday, so at least we can treat Fureraba release as the Easter gift from Nekonyan. There's also another surprise from NekoNyan, in which they'll also translated the fandisc as well and it'll be available at this year as well (They'll give it for free to anyone else who buy Fureraba from NekoNyan's site). For more information, other than NekoNyan's site Fureraba will also available at both of Nutaku and Fakku while unfortunately there's still no Steam release at the same time. The reason was because of Germany bureaucracy according to NekoNyan post (Understandable), and therefore Fureraba Steam release will be delayed for a few weeks.

For fan translation, right now Eustia was at 35.23% translation and 22.87% TLC-ed - they finally begin with Colette's arc work with the current progress for that arc was at 4.56% translated. For more roundup we have Loverable was at past three quarter (75.33%) TLC-ed, Musumaker was at 49.6% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 92% translated along with 19% edited, Pure Pure was at 63.19% translated with Chapter 4 was at 39.44% translated, Tsukiotoshi was at a quarter translated, and Witch Garden was at 39% translated. As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 72.1% translated and overall was at 93.57% translated - for the info Trip was quite busy for last two weeks, so the progress didn't increase much. Other than usual updates, there's another VN that have was translated recently (Also about to be release at around this month) and that VN is nukige pseudo NTR or something like that - I just realized the project today lol. We also have another update from LxC 2, in which Quof was mostly finished with Hime's route but unfortunately right now he need to do programming work for Hime's patch, so the translation for next route will be stalled. For the last update, we have surprise Nanatsuiro Drop partial patch release which translate the first two episodes of common route, which obviously is a very small part of the VN itself. Go get the patch at Doki Fansub, and for my personal comment I hope that they'll manage to fully translate Natsuiro later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review from mine, and see you next week.

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