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The Demonic Liquor Review



Disclaimer - Because admin Tay in the place where's there's no easy internet access and therefore made him unfortunately unable to make this week VNTS, once again I decided to make another VNTS Review without the VNTS itself. As for Tay's experience well let's just said that I understand how it feel like, because I experienced when the internet in my house was off for several days and the cause was something unknown.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Sekai released Tropical Liquor and ReLord (Quite sudden at that), I made the title by combined two title into 'The Demonic Liquor' and the 'demonic' part was come from ReLord in which the setting was the demon realm (Also with the MC as the demon) - sorry if the title for this week was pretty offensive for some people here. As for this week, compared to the last week this time we didn't have JAST announcement like usual, but at least we have Sekai still managed to pump two VNs releases so at least it's somehow balanced. On the other hand, we have some update from Mangagamer and they also did their first KS to develop their original VN (Koropukkur) that they announced at last year AX. Let's see what I can write for this week.

As for Koropukkur, Mangagamer did launch the KS the goal it's pretty low for a supposed in development KS (At 30,000), so maybe we better expect there'll be no voice at the VN later. For Koropukkur itself, the premise was more or less we have a fairies from Hokkaido who somehow managed travel to Akihabara, and from there the fairies help the MC who run a rundown maid cafe. As for the artist, it was from Itaru Hinoue who as we knew is formerly KEY artist and honestly the arts isn't changed much since she was work at KEY. While the artist here definitely leave some impression, what we should concern is the story and the writer past work alone here was not quite showcase his ability, even more so considering that usually he work together with several writers in less known VN. Well everyone have a chance to improve though, so maybe the writer will be able to write a good story for Koropukkur. For other update, we have Supipara Peace Story aka Hotaru Chapter have exact release date, and it'll be at April 12th later. For Higurashi, we have Tsumihoroboshi (EP 6) was about to be in testing and Mangagamer already planned to have Kai (ie Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi (EP7) and Matsuribayashi (EP8)) released at this year, and hopefully they'll be able to release it as planned.

I'm pretty surprised that we still didn't have Sakusakura fully translated at the last week lol, but anyway for the current progress right now it was fully translated and the editing was not too far behind (Maybe at around ~90% edited for the estimation, but at the very least it should be less than a quarter left for the unedited text). For the next plan, apparently Sol Press will release the beta version for the backer although as for the release date there's still no exact date though. And speaking about Sol Press, we also have Newton VN weekly update with common route was at 95% translated. For the last update from Other section, we have Frontwing release Momoclo demo back at Friday so if you curious about Momoclo you can try the demo first (The KS right now was at 30,416 out of 35,000 funded).

For fan translation, right now we have Eustia was at 35.54% translated with Colette's arc was at around 6% translated, and for overall script it was at 23.44% edited. For the rest we have Loverable was at 33.18% edited, Musumaker was at 49.9% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 47.89% translated and overall was at 65.09% translated, and Witch Garden was at 40% translated. We also have a release in form of partial patch of Hara Chuchu, and this time it add another translated route (Mei's) - be glad if you have pregnancy fetish lol (Obviously not me). We also have Tsujidou surprisingly have progressing pretty rapidly with Renna's route was at 86.6% translated and oveall was at 96.68% translated, and interestingly Urrim said that earlier release (ie before April 8th) might be possible for now. For the last update, surprisingly we have Yosuga no Sora update with current translation status is Motoka's route was at 48.94% translated, although by now I just want to know when it'll be finish though because it's been almost 10 years (2009 from back at TL Wiki) since the project started. That's all for fan translation.

I like that Sekai recently have released many VNs within two months (Four), although admittely the VNs itselves were less known before released, and even one of their release from last week was kin d of questionable. I already saw Tropical Liquor, and the gameplay itself is resembling Huniepop only that we need to memorize the pattern, or if you didn't want to memorize then you can take the pattern picture and start the game lol. As for ReLord, yes to me the release here was pretty sudden because there's no much news in regard of this before the release. Anyway, it's good that we got ReLord here even though the gameplay was only stripping battle, although to me it's just the first part of trilogy though so I'm not quite interested with this as of now. Oh, and as expected Bokukotsu was still not released yet seeing that February was already ended, and apparently they still waiting for the 3rd party in regard of the release.

That's all for this week VNTS Review even though we didn't have VNTS. See you next week.


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