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Sono Hanabira All Stars DX Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (02/24/2018)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for the title since we have Sono Hanabira release with all casts from the past have the continuation with their story, I decided to just combined it with Precure All Stars DX movie (Coincidentally it's also the crossover anime for the first six Precure) with Sono Hanabira, and so we have 'Sono Hanabira All Stars DX' - as for the DX thing I think it's stand for Deluxe but maybe Toei knew it better lol. For this week, other than Sono Hanabira 11 we also have Sekai finally get slightly serious with the release both of Mhakna and Kanonana, also we have more progress than usual for this week so overall compared to the last week this time it's more interesting especially with two yuri VNs release (Kanonana and Sono Hanabira 11). Let's see what I can write for this week.

So apparently JAST did have opened a new branch called JAST Blue, which is focused on yaoi (BL) VN - it's pretty obvious from the 'Blue' word lol. Also they already have Sweet Pool as it's first license, and the Sweet Pool itself already had fully translated with less than halfway (43%) edited. In theory the announcement was quite redundant one, but according to news they'll using new translation so maybe it'll be not so redundant at all. That said, it's JAST though so we can't still tell when they'll finished with Sweet Pool, which is probably far away in the future if we look from their release pattern (Hardcopy release as well). As for me, good for them if they want to expand I guess but I rather have them focused on getting Muramasa or Sumaga translated if they want another Nitroplus VN, because more or less personally I didn't care about BL - I knew that this may be a good news for BL lover though.

For Newton VN, right now they have Haru's route was at 23% translated along with Lavi's route was at 40% edited. By the way, if you interested with playing otome at PSV (Not me) there'll be two otome release at this year - Black Butterfly at April 20th and 7'scarlet at May 18th, although keep in mind though it's just a leak from Amazon JP so it may be change in the future. Other than the leak of possible release date of two otome VNs, we also have Frontwing started the KS for Momoiro Closet (Momoclo) and I think the fund will probably used for developing physical edition looking from the goal (At 35,000), and as for the current situation right now it was at past halfway (18,958) funded. Now that we got the clearer picture of this VN, the premise from Momoclo was pretty interesting with both of MC and his female friend bonded over Sunday morning magical girl anime (Frill Lace or FL), and the girl want to cosplay as one of the FL heroine. I'd find that FL itself was more interesting compared to the actual VN, because they pretty blatantly parodied Kira Kira Precure (KKPC). Guess I'll see of what kind of story that Momoclo will offer at April 27th later.

For fan translation, first of all we have Eustia was at 34.57% translated along with 21.57% edited and 21.37% TLC-ed as of now. As for the rest of the updates, we have Musumaker was at 49.2% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 35.21% translated and overall was at 62.64% translated, Witch Garden was at 38% translated, and finally Majokoi was fully TLC-ed - there's still no info when the QC will start, but if there'll be regular QC progress then I'll report it here as usual. As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 67.64% translated and overall was at 92.54% translated, and also apparently Trip was busy at this week and he will at the next week so the progress was slightly less than usual (Still good though).

I like that Sekai finally get serious in regard of the release, and other than releases I also like that they finally do the QA for Dracu Riot. As for the releases, both of their release was pretty sudden when I thought there'll be none from them at this week. One of the release was Kanonana in which it's premise was a girl from the magic club who live together with the ghost for seven days, and from there we'll gonna have many yuri relationship (Duh). For a bit history, it was created as free VN by 2chan so it's pretty much like Katawa Shoujo in term of development. As for more info, while I'd find this VN interesting unfortunately as of now it's still lacking in regard of the review so I couldn't tell whether it'll be a good VN or not, so I guess we better find out about Kanonana but trying it by ourself. The other release was Mhakna which is pretty much like FL earlier, only that it's from Fault universe. As for my opinion, while I appreciate them to make a VN based on fictional fairy tale actually I prefer Fault team to just focused on the main story and finished that. But then again it may be another good addition for Fault fan, so perhaps you may try Mhakna if you Fault fans.


Finally Mangagamer did released Sono Hanabira (Sonohana) 11, and as of now it's one of big Sonohana VNs that also have previous five couple have some roles here, so in short we have what we could call once again as Sonohana all stars lol. As for the premise, it's pretty much the same as New Generation in which the school gonna have best couple vote, and in Sonohana 11 we'll have six couple instead of three like in New Generation. Of course by six couple I mean that there's a new couple for the 11th Sonohana, although for us it's not exactly new though because we already saw the couple (Risa x Miya) back in first officially localized Sonohana. This VN also have some unique history because back then I'd always reported the translation progress from Yuri Project, even after Mangagamer did announced that they have seven secret projects and this is the first scret project which revealed back at Otakon 2017. Well back then both projects did have some difference from the progress so I didn't think much lol. Oh well, at least this release should be good for Sonohana fan whose been waiting for this VN to be translated, and if that's the case then have fun.

Other than Sonohana 11, finally we have Mangagamer did their updates. For the updates, we have Sona-Nyl was at 33% translated, Maggot Bait was at 73% translated and 22% edited, Sengoku Rance was fully retranslated and edited (Already knew from Arunaru last weeks, but it's good that Mangagamer confirm it directly), Trinoline was at 82% translated and 41% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was fully edited, Rance Quest was at 74% translated and 55% edited, and Hashihime was at 67% edited. There's also the confirmation that Evenicle was in testing, and I guess this time Mangagamer tested it to the beta tester in order to find out the bug seeing that Doddle already did some test on Evenicle, and hope fully it mean that it'll be released in near future. Speaking about testing, right now Marriage was also in testing so at least it could be interpreted that Marriage was also about to be released. And yes, there's many VNs that was in testing in Mangagamer so maybe it'll be hard for them to juggle the release time. For the last update, we have Mangagamer finally have exact release date for Sideboob which is at March 29th later, so it's the good news if you fan of Funbag Fantasy nukige series.

That's all for this week, and sorry for the belated review. See you next week.


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