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October Update



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Howdy! The ones who follow us know that I haven't been updating things personally neither in the website nor in Fuwa even though the individual threads for each project in Fuwanovel have been updated weekly or so. This has been like this because college has started for me and some of my teammates, and that means that things have been busier than before, so we have less time to devote to the projects (although that doesn't mean that we're slacking off). Besides, let's be honest here, I felt a little bit lazy to do the update.

We have a new website now! Yes, this will be the last update I'll be posting on the old website of Luna Translations and from now on we'll operate on the vntls platform, if you have a tl team and want a website with all the perks that Wordpress Premium offers but for free be sure to contact them, they're really nice guys and I appreciate their effort for making it come true. I also want to thank @Asonn, the one who made my website, who will be rewarded with a physical copy of Majo Koi, thanks for everything! New websites' link: https://lunatl.vntls.com/.

DISCLAIMER: Some progress bars in the new website (such as Majo Koi's) are still outdated, so please be aware of that.

Regarding new titles, we've added one to our roster, but since the leader of it doesn't want the title nor the project mentioned yet I won't do it until I'm given permission to do so.

To the ones who follow Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to (or "tototo" in short), we have decided to put the project on HIATUS until the translators that are supposedly in the team working on it reappear. There has been no progess tl-wise regarding in project for several months now, so after a lot of thinking I decided to stall the project until I have more news about the people that are involved in it. Editing and proofreading of the prologue (which is completed) will continue and we will hopefully release at least the trial version of the game as a partial patch, though I don't have an ETA for that, you'll just have to wait.

Majo Koi is close to the 50% mark, progress has been steady and there have been no major changes whatsoever regarding this project. Everything seems to be going nicely and we're pretty much good on this front.

https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/projects-2/projects/progress/ (Majo Koi progress bar)

Witch's Garden keeps going, but very slowly, since one of our TLC's is doing school-related stuff and another one is having a vacation in Japan for some weeks, so for now only one TLC is active. Things are progressing and retranslation for the common route is around the 70% mark. All the other fronts won't have any progress until we completely finish the TLC of the common route.

Tsui Yuri is at the 81% mark translation-wise. The editing keeps advancing at a steady pace and there have been no bumps or problems whatsoever regarding this project either, everything seems to be going fine.


Anyways, that wasn't a lot, but I wanted to make this at least to show that we're very alive and still kicking, we just have our plates full now and we barely make time to progress on things at the moment.

Have a nice day, everyone.





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Nice update there. Oh, and I'm sorry in regard of tototo there (I prefer to called it Kanobito instead, but oh well). And good luck for your TLC at Witch Garden common route, hope it'll going well there.

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