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Psychopath Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/17/2016)

Okay, first of all welcome to my VNTS Review for first week and sorry for the simple title there (And frightening as well).

While for this week maybe too simple once again, because we had Psyco Pass VN as image header might as well just using the alias for this anime that I'd find at MAL. As for planning PC release, it might be good for anyone else who didn't own the console. But then again maybe PC version will suffer bad porting there if we recall Dangan Ronpa port ie the control for PC version wasn't as polished as console version. The premise there might be interesting, but I wouldn't be so sure there if I would play it in the future though (For now at least).

From Steam, there's KEY which will had their English first release Harmonia (Japanese version will come later), and it'll be came 6 days later. The premise was some sort of dystopian future with robot thing. Looking for the size of character and this would be kinetic novel according to Steam, save to said that Harmonia will be short kinetic VN like Planetarian there. Also since once again they release it for English speaker first, it could be some sort of experiment by VisualArts just like what Frontwing did with Corona Blossom earlier. Speaking about Corona Blossom, Frontwing launched IGG for Volume 2 hardcopy and it was quite successful with 14,412 funds gathered (The goal was only 10,000 though), and they planning to release Steam version at October once again (The physical copy will be released at December according to the goal at IGG).

For Sekai, there's only usual update for them here (Chrono Clock at 34.44% translated, Tenshin Rahman halfway translated (To be exact at 49.38% translated), Maitetsu 33.17% translated, and Wagahigh 24.88% translated), so nothing special for now although looking at Chrono Clock progress here it's too slow if they want to fulfill their promise to had January release (Better expect a delay for Chrono Clock here I guess).


Not much interested for the updates here to be honest (Except one update) even if they already finished all of the progress here, it's bound to take a while before finally JAST did the release here. Although recently they like to do sudden release though ie not announcing the release date, just like Seinarukana back in April and Flower back in August (The release day was the same day as my country (Indonesia) independence day for useless info). For the progress here, right now they had Princess X fully translated (Also in editing and QA), Schatten was finally fully translated and they work on removing the mosaic (And editing as well), and Ryoko was both fully translated and edited (They started coding and QA). Not interested to those 3 for now, and my comment on removing mosaic work here would be whatever ie didn't care much (Although if some of you hate seeing mosaic for censoring be happy though).

Okay, another update that interest me here would be Sumaga, which apparently they had the editing process for a long time and almost completed here (70% for editing progress). For a little history, Sumaga was one project which hosted at TL Wiki before licensed by JAST. For more info here, it's already quite long here that JAST didn't gave progress update for Sumaga. As for the response for Sumaga, I think it was quite mixed up if we looking at available review out there. The summary here would be Clephas think that Sumaga was the reason Nitroplus was not like in the past, Conjueror quite like it and rate it averagely, and TakaJun of Mirror Moon dislike Sumaga if we looking at the review that I'd found using wayback machine. What I could said for now it would be take long time for the release, and we wouldn't know if JAST will give update to Sumaga again (And we knew of how 'often' JAST gave update here), although of course I hope it wouldn't take a long time for Sumaga release here (Quite hard to fulfill I know).

Fan Translation

There's some usual update here (Bishoujo Mangekyou at 67% editing, 62% QC-ed, and 24% proofread; Tsui Yuri was at 77% translated; and Majokoi was touched mark 40% for the translation progress (Or to be exact 40.4% translated), 30.9% edited, and 12.6% TLC-ed). For another progress here, apparently Elevator TL which working on Lovely x Cation translation will give next update at October 1st if we looking at their countdown (Nice feature by the way) and their progress right now was at 40% translating Lovely x Cation (I didn't sure about the number yet by the way). There's some bad news from Ushieta that they'll had some sort of real life business for 2 - 3 weeks, so don't expect some of Ushieta progress until October (For more info, they already planned to work on both of Kaori and Nagisa route there). Loverable here was slightly advancing with 15.29% for translation progress. For last update somehow I'd always forgot to report it for 2 weeks here, and the update would be SayoOshi was at 36.84% translated.

For this segment, we also had just recently established project here. The project goal here was to fully translated Kimisora and for the progress they had the prologue fully translated. As for VN itself, the opening there was kind of remind me of Flower opening song there (Same singer and composer should be the reason there) and the premise was something like the co-ed school for human who capable to see the ghosts and the ghosts itself (Of course we'll had Cute Ghost Girl there). For now I would like to said good luck to the translator once again here, and looking forward to the full patch. Oh, and for Shibukuzu right now there's still no progress, but apparently there will be one more translator who will working on the VN, so there will be two translator who will working on the VN (Duh).


This time, as expected Mangagamer bring a lot of updates once again. I'll just list it again here.

  • Boukaku was at 19% translated and edited
  • Himatsubushi will be launched at October 7th and already ready for pre-order
  • Hapymaher was halfway translated (49% to be exact) and 26% edited
  • Dal Segno was past halfway (53%) translated
  • Pygmalion was fully edited
  • Suki Suki was 82.5% translated
  • Hadaka Shitsuji (Naked Butler) was 26% retranslated
  • Imopara 2 was 82% translated
  • Evangile W was 60% translated and 37% edited
  • Sorcery Joker was at 44% translated

Not much comment here for still progressing project other than good job. Oh, and I think my prediction about Pygmalion will be finished the editing this year became true (Quite surprising that the editing was finished this week, because I predicted it'll be at 84% edited for the progress of this week). And for Sorcery Joker, according to Bad End Tweet Fiona 'route' was finished translated (Sorcery Joker was some kind of kinetic novel for reminder here).

For more progress here, Nyuu Jene was finished for both of translation and editing, and it'll be starting the beta testing. Speaking about beta testing, Himawari here was almost finish with the beta testing. Almost forgot here that both of Rance VI and 5D also will starting the beta testing here. As for Da Capo 3, they still porting it and this time they give announcement that they porting the font there, and finally Bokuten was about to be entering scripting phase there.

That's all for my VNTS Review for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Ittaku just announced that he finished translating about three quarter (75%) of twin's route from Clover Days.


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