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Coming x Flowers!! Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/20/2016)

This week title, since we had Flowers sudden release from JAST and Flowers itself will be planned as tetralogy and will be based on the season, I decided to combine the first game from Season game series (Natsuyume Nagisa and Hatsuyuki Sakura) of Niijima Yuu and Saga Planet fame (Coming x Humming!!) and Flower here (Also first Flower was in spring season for the timeline here). The reason I chose Coming for the first half part because there's a Japanese children song called 'Haru ga Kita' or for the translation 'Spring has Come'. The Coming part from 'Coming x Humming' was probably from the children song that mentioned beforehand.

As for Flowers release it was quite sudden here, and from some posts that I'd read in the thread I think the translation was quite good enough so that at least there's no much complain compared to last time when there's many uproar in regard of the flawed translation (Personally I didn't care about the translation, but that's just me). For now I'm still not playing Flowers yet, but I knew that for anime fan they got Kaori Nazuka (Nunnally from Code Geass) and Sakura Ayane (Nao Tomori from Charlotte. Also Jun Maeda favorite seiyuu according to some news) there as the seiyuu. Okay, back to usual business here, my VNTS Review (Interesting that Decay and Tay didn't had comment here, or maybe it's still too early). Also since it's already late for this time I'll just do some roundup here without section, and since I'd state about Flowers release might as well add more JAST progress here (Katahane remake was had editing for original translation ongoing and right now they also translating new scenario (No exact number here), and Princess X was 85% translated)

For Sekai, there's still no project that announced from AX that added to their translation progress here other than they only had progresses for 3 projects here. These 3 projects were Maitetsu (22.49% translated), Chrono Clock (30.1% translated, at least they continuing this even after Purple Software partnering with Mangagamer), and Tenshin Rahman (37.69% translated). Well, they at least gave stable update for their project with good production value there (Seiyuu and opening song was the factor I said that). That's all for Sekai, and maybe the shakeup in Sekai was more damaging than I thought here (Or maybe not much damaging).

Tsui Yuri, the editing progress was at 68% and just a hour ago Dergonu state that they'll joined Luna Translation there. Speaking about Luna Translation here, I'd sorry to said that Hanasaki project dropped after some C&D there (And that was after some drama about Hanasaki not too long ago here). About C&D thing, what I could comment for now is that some VN Translation project received that. Oh, and of course we had another progress from here, and right now we had some Majokoi progress (Too much number here by the way, and for the progress we had 34.2% translated, 18.8% edited, 11.1% TLC, 14% proofread, and 10.7% QC). And for the least but certainly not the least, we had Bishoujo Mangekyou at 46.5% edited and 25.5% QC. I think that's all for fan translation progress, and for this week we had an established project with goal to translated Fortune Arterial there. If some of you read this and want to help, they need some TLC and you could post about help at that thread (Fortune Arterial Translation Project) if you had confidence in Japan to do some TLC.

For Mangagamer, this week they definitely had so many progress here, but too bad there's still no progress for Hapymaher and Sona-Nyl yet. For the progress, first of all they had Kuroinu (95% translated), Suki Suki (71% translated) and Imopara 2 (63% translated and 42.5% edited) some progress. They also had Fata Morgana fandisc at 31% translated and Himatsubushi both fully translated and edited (No surprise here, since Himaitsubushi was shortest chapter in Higurashi, and by the way about Tatarigoroshi mod they still hadn't graphic patch yet). Both of announced Rance series was also fully edited and translated here (I'm more surprised if they show Rance VI progress at picked up or low translation percentage there, considering that Arunaru already translated 88% of it before he was hired by Mangagamer). For more info, 5D was in scripting and VI was in image editing.

Speaking about translating before the announcement, we also had Nyuu Jene and Sorcery Joker which apparently already had some progress before Otakon (91% translated and edited for Nyuu Jene, and 33% translated and 22% edited for Sorcery Joker). For more update, we had Hadaka Shitsuji at 22% retranslated (I said this because we already had translation in the past, and I don't care too much anyway) and Boukaku 7.5% translated and edited. For last 2 updates, we had Pygmalion at 60% edited (At least they managed to prove that they not necessarily had 8% edited for each update here ie 2 weeks) and Himawari was almost finishing beta testing. Oh, and for Da Capo 3 right now they do their best for preparing the demo (And the engine work still continuing there).

Oh, and this week Libra didn't had any translation progress, but they already prepared for the pre-order here, which hopefully they could deliver Libra at December (Although from the progress I kind of had slight doubt here).

That's all for my VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot to comment that we got both of Steins Gate and Dies Irae going to Steam. My comment about Dies Irae here would be let's see if it will be the truth or not, but for Steins Gate I think I could only comment that it was already obsolete because Steins Gate was already well known and discussed to the death at many forum (Although if this release was going to made Chaos Child or other 5pb games in Steam, maybe Steins Gate on Steam releaese was not so obsolete there).

Edit - There's many update from Luna Translation other than Majokoi. Hanasaki once again dropped because of C&D issued by Saga Planet (Guess we better called Saga Planet was the new generation 'cursed' project after both of Yuzusoft and August free of that ie Saga Planet VN will be never translated for now at least). For Kanobito, once again Mitch already gathered his team and for the progress right now they had 45 scripts translated, 18 scripts finished TLC, and 1 script edited. About Witch Garden, basically right now they managed to had more than halfway common route finished TLC here although for now there's no progress in the translation though. That's all for the edit now.

Edit 2 - For Clover Days, our Ittaku had twins (Hekiru and Hikaru) route was at halfway (50%) translated.


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