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The Chronicles of Sora Chapter 1 "The Beginning of Destiny"

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It's about a boy named Sora who's lived a normal life for the past 15 years of just going to school and trying to make friends but couldn't fit in because he's always been different than most kids like being able to run quicker, jump higher and farther, and been overly stronger than most people. He tried to get through life the best he could until one fateful day on his 16th birthday when he wakes up to find out he's late for school so he rushes out of the house in a hurry unknowingly being followed by a girl named Umi who was also running late for school into a off limits forest known for a lot of deaths in the forest. When Sora enters the forest he immediately senses something is off about the forest and runs quickly halfway through the forest while Umi was secretly following him. Sora was almost out of the forest when suddenly a fireball comes flying at him and barely dodges by diving out of the way and the fireball hits the ground making a ring of fire around him catching both Sora and Umi in it. Umi screams which makes Sora turn around in surprised to see his classmate with him, worried for her safety Sora quickly searches for a way out but before he could find a way out he hears her scream again. Sora looks at the girl again only to see her being grabbed by a monster twice his size! The demon says "I have found the boy of legends."; The monster demands Sora to stand still and let the monster kill him or he will crush the girl's ribs and kill her. Scared and desperit Sora charges at the monster at full speed and strength and punches the monster in the face but it laughed it off and said "Hahaha! That felt like a mosquito bite.", and then squeezes the girl Umi a little making Umi scream in pain. The monster demands again to Sora to stand still and let it kill him. The monster then begins to charge up a fireball from it's mouth, Sora begins to feel scared of the thought of dying and getting his classmate killed, looking at the girl Sora makes a vow that if he's going to die then he would do everything in his power to save to save the girl in the monster's hand even if it kills him. Sora suddenly feels a sudden surge of power welding up inside his chest and then begins to feel pain coming out of his back. Sora falls to the ground in pain gripping at the ground on his hand and knees, as he's about to pass out through the pain he looks up at the girl in the monster's hand looking scared and about to die he's decides to endure the pain and something in his mind tells him to use the power building up inside his chest and then suddenly pure white angel looking wings emerge from his back. Sora, confused about what just happened looks at these new strange wings that came out of his back that are glittering from the sunlight. The monster looks at Sora and says "What the hell is this?! How does he have both demonic and angelic energy?!" The monster then fires his charged up fireball toward Sora, Sora sensing the attack coming the voice in his head tells him to molt a feather with the power he feels in his chest. Doing what the voice tells him he quickly concentrates his power into one of his feathers and molts one feather, Sora quickly grabs the feather and it suddenly transforms into a giant two handier sword with the blade completely red like fire and the hilt orange with a red-orange jewel in between the blade and the hilt. Sora still getting used to his wings tries to fly with them and flies towards the monster barely but quickly dodging the fireball. "What!?" says the monster. Sora quickly flies towards the monster and cuts the arm off of the hand that was holding Umi, the girl lands on the ground and Sora says "Go find somewhere to hide while I try to deal with this!"; Umi does what's she's told and hides behind the tree that wasn't hit by the fire in the ring of flames. "Damn it all to hell!" says the monster as he quickly flies into the sky and begins to charge another fireball in the sky. "Your not getting away!" Sora says as he steadily tries to fly after him. The monster fires the fireball and says "HA! YOU'LL NEVER DODGE AT THAT DISTANCE!"; Sora knowing the monster was right and he was running out of options, he then hears the voice in his head telling him to cut the through the fireball. Sora does what the voice tells him to do and begins to cut into the fireball, "What?!" says the monster. To Sora's surprise the newly manifested sword begins to absorb the fireball into the blade itself and the voice then tells him "Quickly! Use the move called 'Oblivion'!"; Sora takes his now charged sword that's in flames and shouts "OBLIVION!!!" and a massive fireball bigger ten times stronger than the monster own fireball goes flying at him! "NOOO! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW CAN THIS MEER MORTAL BE THIS POWERFUL?!?!" the monster shouts as it is engulfed in the flames and sent flying into the sky being burned to ashes. Sora exhausted falls to the ground with his wings and sword disappearing, Umi quickly runs to Sora and says "Are you okay?!"; Sora says "Yeah somehow..." with holes in the back of his school uniform shirt.; The girl then says "Thanks for saving my life."; "Oh you don't have to thank me, I only did what I felt was right." says Sora. The girl says "My name is Umi and you?"; Sora replies "The names Sora, kinda a weird way for us to meet huh?"; "Yeah it is, so um can I ask you something?" asks Umi. "Sure what's that?" says Sora.; Umi asks "Sora... What are you?"; "I...I don't know..." Sora says in a scared manner. With this new found ability and questions building up in Sora's head how will the next chapter unfold? Find out next time on the next chapter of "The Chronicles of Sora"!


Story by: Sonicboom2.0 (William Tyler Dewart)


Thanks for reading my first chapter, I've been developing this story for a few years now and this is a rough idea of how I wanted the first chapter to turn out. Sorry if there wasn't enough dialog in the first chapter I'm not good with character interaction and I'm still working on it so you can say this chapter was a rough draft I came up with so far. I plan to turn this into a manga eventually so I hope I can learn a few things about storytelling as I develop this. I would appreciate it if no one copyright my story into their own but I would also like some advice on what you think of the story I have so far. I'd be nice a manga company like Shonen Jump noticed my story and decided to help me publish it lol.

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