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Project Leaders: Developer role + access to updates blogs


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Hear ye, hear ye --


In case you hadn't noticed, Fuwanovel has a blog app which includes two dev-exclusive blogs (Updates & Recruitment) to help you out. The idea is that you post in one of these blogs, and it's broadcast to all the sites in the Fuwa network.

  • Project Updates Feed (blog link) (rss) -- this is for non-trivial updates like introductions when your project first joins the Fuwa Ongoing Projects board, demo releases, events, announcements, final releases etc. You should also be posting in your project thread (i.e. small or check-in updates shouldn't be posted here)
  • Help Wanted/Recruitment Feed (blog link) (rss-- to be used as necessary. You can re-post job openings once every 3 days if you've having trouble finding help

These two blogs are being integrated into the forums index, the Fuwazette blog, and the Reviews Hub, but in order to post in them you have to get a special "Project Manager" permission set from an admin. One person from each project will have free posting rights to both blogs (you pick who it'll be).

The Developer role will 

  • give you access to post on the Dev update feed.
  • Permissions to Moderate your own thread (lock/hide etc.)
  • brag with a badge  Developer.png.c541b27b02abc42133553f9840 :Chocola:


To get blog posting access you should have a project on this OP board, then please PM Emi the following:

  1. Who you want to get the permissions and what their relationship is to the project (team lead, PR, etc.)
  2. The name of your project
  3. The url of your project thread in the fuwa forums


After getting permissions: How to make and format a post:

  1. Click "Add Entry" on the blog page (Updates) (Recruitment)  
  2. Write and format the post just as you would making a post on the forums
  3. We highly, highly suggest you use at least one image in your post for us to use in the Wordpress featured image function. PLEASE NOTE: The first image in the blog post will be its "featured image" (the image used to represent the post on the other Fuwa sites), so make sure it looks nice, is appropriate (no nudity, etc.), and is of decent size (preferably larger than 300x200px).
  4. ^ If you choose to include an image, please do everybody a favor and compress it before using it
  5. It may take up to an hour for the post to appear on all the Fuwa sites, but if a post isn't appearing in <=60 minutes, contact an admin


I'm going to do my best to make this a useful tool for you guys, and please don't hesitate to get back to the staff or Emi with feedback/input.

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