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[SOLVED] Help Setting Up Translation Aggregator

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So today I was trying to set up TA with Mecab and Edict2 as per the instructions by Bolverk


The things I did so far (in order):

I downloaded TA

I downloaded and installed Mecab (only clicked next, didn't do anything else)


Edit: Someone asked me if I selected a dictionary when installing Mecab but the thing is that option never showed up (i reinstalled it now to make sure)


I made sure Mecab hinting option is checked on TA on the JParser window

I downloaded Edict2 as a .txt file and put it in the dictionaries folder of TA


And right now TA is like this (yes i've restarted it plenty of times)



Any help on what I might have done wrong is appreciated, I really want to set this up correctly.


All that's left is to download ITH which I haven't done yet since TA doesn't seem to be configured properly.


Update: I just had an outdated version of Mecab and I didn't install the dictionary on JParser properly (had to delete the file extension completely)


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