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Fantasy/RPG-like VN with Card Battle


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I was just wondering, are there any other VNs like Princess Waltz?  A good Fantasy kind of story with interesting characters (magical powers, etc.) and a fun card-based battle.  I'm not talking about super serious strategic card battles.. just fun anime-like ones that aren't incredibly complicated (such as the one in Princess Waltz, or even something similar to Yu-Gi-Oh)... I'd like some romance included too... either just part of the story or able to romance a female character in it.


Preferably in English  :).  If anyone knows any games like that, please share. Thanks!


You can share some Japanese ones if they're really good... I may be curious to look them up.. although, I might not be able to currently play them at the moment (my JP level isn't that high).

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Soukoku No Arterial - Translation in progress with partial patch and English interface.


Have several main route (include dark) and a lot of heroines route.

Ohh, it looks really awesome.  What's the progress on it (%)?  Could I play it with right now with the partial patch/english interface?


-edit- ah nvm, I found their translation site. Thanks! I might try it out.. depending how difficult it is.


Any complete English ones though?^^


--I tried the game with the partial patch & english interface... so far, I like the characters & artwork. It seems they didn't get very far with the english translations though. It made sense in the first 10 minutes, and then it started going into 'machine translation' mode I think... bunch of weird gibberish came up that made me burst out laughing a lot xD.  



I think it was supposed to say something closer to "It looks like it hurts.. Shuuya, I'm sorry it's my fault." lol


I guess I'll be deleting the patch and playing it with the text hooker.. The english interface is useful though ^^ and I liked the first tutorial card battle.. seems fun! I'll keep trying it.

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