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Read only H-scenes


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That's not how it's supposed to be, I hear time and time again that H-scenes are, by concept, awarded for reading for so long.

That said, I understand some games are generic as frak, and otherwise sport interesting scenes, so it's a possibility. Indeed, I would like to see more interesting scenes than what I usually see. But as for me, I need some kind of buildup before the scene to make it somewhat memorable, touching, etc. I need an emotional implication on the scene, otherwise I go for amateur porn, since manga style art doesn't engage me much. I feel great when I bed a heroine I've spent a lot of time with, and had nice scenes with her, so skipping the scenes before and just going to the "quid" kinda kills it for me. Of course, most eroge fail to build a good enough relationship that leads nicely to the H-scene, so I feel frustrated.

Another thing I want to comment is that for me the major form of impact of a H-scene is the text and how the scene is narrated, since this is, in fact, a text-based genre. Nekopara's approach is nice and fancy but ultimately superfluous.

Edit: sorry I didn't see that the thread is from 2014.

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Ah, I remember last time I skipped through a VN just to get to H-scenes. There was a lot more poop than I had wanted (that is to say, there was poop to begin with). Never again will I do such a thing. Eroge! had such wonderful art and voice acting, but certain parts just weren't for me. Probably should give it a lower score, but I digress. 

Anyways, I agree with Okarin in that I prefer scenes that have some form of buildup for me to enjoy them. Not the amateur porn thing. If I'm in the mood for sexy time for realsies, I satisfy myself by simply shitposting on forums or watching "King Archer". Depends on exactly what mood I'm in.

Also, Threads Never Die~!

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