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(Yosuga no Sora) Sora's Route Edited!


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She is almost universally considered best girl, and the main reason people come read YnS. So this is a big milestone. This means 4 routes (5 including Common) have reached their final form, between YnS and HnS. What remains is Kozue TL( Almost done). Nao and Akira both still need a Translation Check (TLC). Akira is a WIP, and Nao has no one working on her, Applications open for Nao if you are N2ish, pls help! And finally Sora's Route in HnS needs to be edited (just started).

Can find out more details here: https://trjr.wordpress.com/

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I see that you already finished with Sora's route editing, so congratulation in regard of it. Also good that you finally manage to translate the interface after all, which of course should be very helpful to the newer player. No much to say other than good luck on polishing the remaining two routes on Yosuga no Sora, and of course I still look forward to the eventual full translation patch release even though the available patch is technically speaking already fully translate the VN itself (Rough translation on the unedited routes aside).

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