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[PC-9801] My 2023/2024 releases


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Continuation of my 2022 releases thread...


Policewoman VX (April 2024) (PG-16)
(Hacking by Alpharobo)



This very short game was included as a bonus with the first Rance. It has evolved a bit since, and from a text-only adventure, it became a full-fledged ADV, complete with CG and clickable menus, before being offered on the now defunct ALICE-NET BBS. It was a very quick project as it has barely 15 kb worth of text. Consider it a bonus to the AliceSoft porting project

Download 1.0 here.

Night Slave (February 2024) (warning: adult content)
(Hacking by ValleyBell and Kirinn B.)


An awesome action game reminiscent of the Assault Suit series, but with lesbian sex scenes inbetween the missions. Has a surprisingly decent plot, great soundtrack an a pretty smooth gameplay considering, well, you're on PC-98. Had already been "translated" by Retronomicon but with a butchered script and a horrible hack relying on a custom font. This one is accurate to the original script, have translated graphics, and is fully real hardware compatible.

Download 1.0 here.

Shangrlia 2 (October 2023) (Warning: adult content)
(Hacking by tomyun and Alpharobo)


Another T-RPG by Elf. It's both beautiful and really challenging. I planned to do a simple menu patch, but the game is so great that I thought it deserved a full patch, despite the shitty writing ^^

Download 1.1 here.

Exciting Milk (August 2023) (All ages)
(Hacking by Alpharobo and Kirinn B)


A short, 2-episode ADV game by Silence, with the same engine as Guynarock and Lime. Strong sentai vibes in this one. You get barely 20 minutes of gameplay out of the whole thing, but the animations are stellar.

Download 1.0 here.

Jewel Bem Hunter Lime (August 2023) (PG12 - Expect a bit of fanservice)
(Hacking by Alpharobo & Kirinn B)


A collection of 12 short adventure games dealing with two demons trying to retrieve 6 power gems in order to save humanity from total destruction. These are pretty linear games, but have a gorgeous artstyle and excellent animations. And most of all, they're hilarious. Once again, Alpharobo made wonders in hacking the engine, and Kirinn B in hacking the graphics format.

Download 1.0 here.


Rance III - The Fall of Leazas (April 2024) (Warning: Adult Content)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by Tulip Goddess Maria)



Huge step from the two previous games, with high production values and a way bigger world to explore. Arguably the first masterpiece of the series. This one required a lot more work than the previous ports, but nothing we couldn't handle :)

Download 1.0 here

Toushin Toshi (February 2024) (Warning: Adult content)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by Arunaru)


Another ero-RPG, with a main character that's not as much as an asshole as Rance is. This is the last AliceSoft System 1.0 game that has an available English translation to port. Hacking was slightly more complicated than on the previous AliceSoft games, but as usual Alpharobo had no trouble figuring it out.

Download 1.0 here.

Rance II - The Rebellious Maidens (January 2024) (Waring: Adult content)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by HGTP Translations)


Second game from the series, with more refined mechanics and better art and plot. The existing script has been reinserted, with a few edits and corrections here and there (mostly in chapter 6). The hacking is now complete, the most complicated stuff has once again been masterfully handled by Alphabrobo.

Download 1.1 here.

Rance - Quest for Hikari (October 2023) (Warning: Adult content)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by HGTP Translations)


The infamous first game of the series. It's pretty short script, actually, but the data relocating process between the Windows and the PC-98 version made everything harder than in the previous AliceSoft projects. Nevertheless, it's now complete, so enjoy :)

Download 1.1 here.

Little Vampire (October 2023) (All ages)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by RottenBlock)


Next step of the AliceSoft porting project. Original translation done by RottenBlock in 2020. The script is way better than the DPS one AND correctly formatted so it was done in a mere week.

Download 1.1 here

D.P.S (Dream Program System) (October 2023) (Warning: fucked up adult content)
(Hacking by RottenBlock & Alpharobo - original script by velt211)


An early AliceSoft game that includes a virtual console and three games, each one corresponding to a different erotic scenario. Some elements were re-introduced in the Rance and Toushin Toshi series. Serves as a starting point for a bigger AliceSoft porting project. Original script has been massively edited to sound more natural and correct the most blatant derps, but it has not been retranslated from scratch.

Download 1.1 here

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Maaaan, I've been thinking all morning to message you, because I wanted to know why your twitter disappeared. But this is quite amazing output once again! We constantly stumble over your work and want to cover it on the blog, and a concise list like this makes it quite easy :)

Thanks for your amazing work, our French friend!

You may hop on our discord if you like :)

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Thanks! I'm out of social media since a few months, but I'll let you know about the future projects I'm working on, no worries :)

After working 8 months on Lime, Alpharobo and Kirinn B's tools for editing SGS games have reached maturity to the point of being able to edit any game using that engine from version 1.0 to 3.0, including all graphics. Consequently, I've been able to progress in Exciting Milk's translation really fast, so we'll probably release it as a bonus in a few days :)

Then I'll try to advance a bit on Shangrlia before the end of French summer break. I'll hope to be able to release it before 2023 ends so I'll finish my backlog ^^ Should not be too irrealistic, it's pretty short text-wise...

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  • BabaJeanmel changed the title to [PC-9801] My 2023/2024 releases

As the remake of Doukyuusei 2 is planned, maybe we'll have Kakyuusei officially released afterwards, who knows? But anyway, I won't work on this one. The script is way to long for me to tackle, sorry.

White Album isn't on PC-98 as far as I know. Plus, it already has an English patch.

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