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1998 White Album .pak Archives


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had any tools to be able to unpack and/or repack the .pak archives that contain the data of the original White Album? To Heart 2 also uses .pak's and I would assume they're the same or similar. I know people have gotten into those files. My knowledge isn't nearly good enough at the moment to be able to do this myself. If anyone has the tools to extract Leaf's .pak archives, then I would be grateful if you could pass them on to me.

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On 8/8/2023 at 6:53 AM, Ecan said:


Incredibly cool program and does work on White Album 2 and To Heart 2. But unfortunately WA1 doesn't want to cooperate. Thank you for telling about AE-VN tho, it's a really useful tool regardless.

How did you manage to unzip the archive using the AE tool for White Album 2? My version could not extract.

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GARbro actually worked for me! but now the challenge has become trying to open and change the .gad files in the archives. .grp files are images and .c16 are some type of companion to them I believe. The .gad's are the most likely to have contain the scripts.

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