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[Released] White Album 2 Mini-After Story Translation Project [Todokanai TL]


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Todokanai Translations Presents

White Album 2 Mini-After Story





The patch will include translations for White Album 2 Mini-After Story.

Mini-After Story features the following:

-After Story for Kazusa True End

-After Story for Kazusa Normal End

-After Story for Setsuna True End

-A whole host of digital novels, translated by www.wa2analysis.com

-A whole host of audio dramas depicting events that take place during and after base game story.

Audio dramas will not be translated in-game due to engine limitations. Instead, we have opted to recreate the audio dramas in the form of hand-crafted videos using in-game assets and .srt format subtitles. Here's how it will look.



Todokanai Translation Team

Project Lead Frogstat

Translators Frogstat

Editors Krizs, Gauche Suede

Programmers Avuxo, Jonathansdf

Typesetter Observer of Time

Graphics Frogstat

Video editing for audio dramas Frogstat

Playtesters Epika07




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  • frogstat changed the title to [Released] White Album 2 Mini-After Story Translation Project [Todokanai TL]

The patch to translate all of the after stories are already available, so now you can play all those after stories of WA2 here (The link to the patch is on the starter post above). That said, the work is still not considered as complete yet because three out of six Drama CD are still untranslated, but at least the patch should be sufficient if you just want to play all of the after stories. Have fun in case you already played the after stories there.

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