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Our 7-day GFL visual novel is now ONLINE!


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Go play the demo here now: https://Waifu Trash Family ITCHO website



Game Title: Girls' Frontline - Tomorrow, With You

Synopsis: It's 207X and WW3 never happened. Your name is Shiki Kan, a young high school boy who's been recruited to join an academy made for all the androids that were no longer needed for the war.  There's one thing though... it's an all-girls school.. and they're pretty cute...

Story Concept: In contrast to the original mobile game's dark and serious nature, this visual novel aims to provide a light-hearted story with a few serious undertones. Girls' Frontline: Tomorrow, With You is a fan-made visual novel based on the Girls' Frontline mobile game universe and characters.  This is a longer 7-day demo, a major update from our first version back in 2020.

Characters: M4A1, Sopmod, STAR-15, M16, RO635, UMP45, UMP9, 416, G11, Welrod and Kalina

Have fun reading!!!

Discord Invite

Twitter Account

Waifu Trash Family Website

GFL Tomorrow With You VNDB

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