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Just saying Hi !


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Hey there,

I discovered the world  of VNs about 2 years ago with Making Lovers, that I really enjoyed.
Since then I've read quite a few more (not that many, but around 20 of them), enjoyed most of them, dropped a few others.
I first discovered Funanowel for the route guides. Because contrary to Making Lovers which was really simple to understand, I have happened upon a few odd endings in other games, and restarting the game didn't feel satisfactory when there weren't a "skip to next choice" button.


And just today I wanted to install Pure X Connect, but despite having installation instructions in English, the game itself was in Japanese. And while I've been discovering the language, I'm nowhere near enough of speaking it, and even less reading it, that I could even try to read it without translation. So I finally, through my search engine, found that people here were working on translations, and I just wanted to say "hi" and tell them that if they find the motivation and dedication to complete their work, I'd be quite grateful.

Aaaand, that's it !

We might meet again in the different threads. See you !

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Thanks for the greeting :)

As for Smee VNs, those were just my first. I also read SugarStyle.
My favorite VN, though, is probably "DaitoshokanNoHitsujikai" (and not a Smee VN), but it's a tough choice with many others that I've loved, such as "TsujidouNoJunaiRoad", "If My Heart Had Wings" or "A Sky Full Of Stars", to name a few.

Thanks again, and see you later. I'll probably check this "HarmKingdom", though I'm not fond of "Harem".

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