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  1. Thanks for the greeting As for Smee VNs, those were just my first. I also read SugarStyle. My favorite VN, though, is probably "DaitoshokanNoHitsujikai" (and not a Smee VN), but it's a tough choice with many others that I've loved, such as "TsujidouNoJunaiRoad", "If My Heart Had Wings" or "A Sky Full Of Stars", to name a few. Thanks again, and see you later. I'll probably check this "HarmKingdom", though I'm not fond of "Harem".
  2. Hey there, I discovered the world of VNs about 2 years ago with Making Lovers, that I really enjoyed. Since then I've read quite a few more (not that many, but around 20 of them), enjoyed most of them, dropped a few others. I first discovered Funanowel for the route guides. Because contrary to Making Lovers which was really simple to understand, I have happened upon a few odd endings in other games, and restarting the game didn't feel satisfactory when there weren't a "skip to next choice" button. And just today I wanted to install Pure X Connect, but despite having install
  3. Hey there, just made an account to tell the involved parties that I'm quite interested in this translation. I got the game recently, and installed it, just to realize that I couldn't play it because I don't speak japanese (yet ? We'll see if I get brave enough). I really enjoyed Fureraba and Making Lovers, (and several others), so I wanted to check PureXconnect too. Sooo, I looked for a translation patch and happened to find this thread. Good luck with this job, I'll drop by from time to time :).
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