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Computer Is making Noise


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1) Is this a laptop or a desktop?

2) If it is a laptop, it might be problems with dust inside, as this can cause loud noises when the fan hits it at higher speeds.

3) If it is a desktop, it is more likely to be something with the hard drive, if it isn't an SSD.  If so, you might consider replacing the hard drive.  

4) If it isn't a sound coming from the computer itself but rather an audio noise from the speakers or headphones, then just open up the volume mixer and mute Windows sounds.

5) Another possibility with a desktop is that the fan is no longer working properly, resulting in overheating during peak usage.

6)  There are literally dozens of possible reasons for a computer to make noise, so please be more specific.

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There can be many reasons. If your laptop is old and when you put heavy softwares and games on it at one time, it causes issues. So, try to avoid heavy softwares if your system is old and also use cooling pad and liquid cooling system. Don't forget to clean your system on regular basis. If you are still confused or you have any issues, then follow the guide below.


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