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Who loves "Kindred Spirits on the Roof"? (spoilers)

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Hi! I recently completed Kindred Spirits on the Roof (Okujou no Yurirei-san) and I found it very sweet. It has some long boring stretches in the first half, but the second half more than makes up for it. Seeing all these cute girls end up together is adorable.

My favourite couple is Youka/Aki. Youka's enthusiastic stupidity is somehow very endearing. (She is similar to the typicaly male "idiot hero" in shounen works whom I usually dislike, but Youka makes the trope cute.) Aki, meanwhile, is smart, and despite her gruff exterior she is very kind. I love how well she treats Youka - giving her tough love when she needs that and tender support when she needs that. And Aki is sexually assertive, and I love how she (internally) muses about how much she lusts after Youka sexually.

My second favourite couples are Sasa/Umi and Kiri/Tsukuyo. Umi is delightfully bubbly, and I love the scene where she is privately freaked out after having sex. Kiri and Sasa are both lovable in their vulnerability. I also grew to love Hina in the end game - during her sex scene and bonus scenes.

The only characters I don't like are Amishima Matsuri (who sexually harrasses Hina in the early bonus scenes) and Nagatani Megumi (who is an annoying brat).

My main gripe with the game is the music, which IMO is not good enough to considering the length of the game (about 30 hours for me). I got really tired of some of the tracks. I like Youka's song "A-A-Ai", though.

The sprites are nothing special, but they are serviceable. My favourite sprites are Tsukuyo and Kiri, followed by Hina and Ano Fuji.

Who were your favourite characters in it? :)

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