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The Broadcast Club VN Podcast Episode 6 - The Rise of Kickstarter (looking for future guests)

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This episode we went without a guest since Kickstarter can be a touchy subject.

We talked about the concept of kickstarters, how Kickstarters are executed and how Kickstarted should be executed.

You can listen to/download episode 6 here:


You can support us by following us on Twitter!


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As said in the topic title, We need future Guests for the Following Topics.

If you feel comfortable talking on a podcast and talking about a topic feel free to PM me!

Topics we plan to discuss in the future.

  • 18+ vs. All Ages
  • Art
  • Buying vs. Pirating Visual Novels
  • Length of visual novels (Short vs. Long, in between)
  • Music
  • Romance Quality
  • Settings
  • Tropes/Cliches
  • Untranslated VNs/Learning Japanese
  • Visual Novels aimed for Females (Otomes/BL/other?)
  • Why Popular Visual Novels are Popular

We would also like any topics you'd like to hear about besides any of the above and ones we've done already (EVNs, Kinetic vs Choices, Gameplay, TL Quality, Genres, Kickstarter)!

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15 minutes ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

I would say emphasis on imfamous. Nakenashi more universally liked than me since he actually interacts with the /r/vns crew a lot more often than me. Im not even in their discord anymore.

Having more interactions with the community doesn't translate to being liked more. Pretty sure you're an /r/vns legend by this point.

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1 hour ago, Darklord Rooke said:

Heh, why do I feel like BFR0 would really want to ask NowItsAngeTime for an autograph ...


I'm not gonna lie signing a tier list (whether one I made or someone else made) would be pretty hilarious weird and amazing at the same time.

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