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Your dream VN magazine

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Even in this YouTube generation, I enjoy reading gaming magazines like GameInformer, Retro Gamer, Edge etc. Today, I just want to rave about what my dream VN magazine would be.


I love old school things. Sometimes I post about stuff from ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~, Sakura Taisen and the like, so I would love to follow a VN magazine that focuses on titles from the 80s and 90s.

Maybe every issue highlights one game in particular and explores behind the scenes details. The pages will be designed professionally for that quality finish. Man, the things I would do to read an issue on Ever17, ONE, Sakura Taisen, Utawarerumono, 999 (not that old but hey) and so on.


I cannot start that type of series because game development takes up most of my time, and also:

1) Old school VNs are too niche perhaps.
2) Not enough of an audience compared to video materials.

Does anyone else sub to magazines? I for one hope they never die out. What would your dream VN magazine be like? Even if no one starts a series, we can at least dream about it.

I am secretly hoping someone does do it. Can't imagine how it can survive honestly except out of passion, but I would show my support on Patreon for example if the presentation is up to par.

Thanks for hearing me out 8).

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