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A Certain Magical and Scientific Ensemble (Possible to obtain scripts?)


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Hi there.

I am wondering if someone has (or can) get the script files for the following game: A Certain Magical and Scientific Ensemble


I'm planning to make a fan translation patch (and walkthrough) of this game, while making a Sakurasou No Pet na Kanojo patch. Unfortunatley at this time, I do not have a file script, which will make this a bit difficult, and I am typically busy.

If you can get it, or possibly send a link to the scripts, it would be a pleasure :)

(PMing will do.)



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Do you have a team of translators, editors, etc? Doing two tl projects at once doesn't seem to be a very bright idea.

True on that, then again, some of the translators and editors voted to do a different project after Sakurasou is done.

I'll might as well try again later in the future

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