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Learning TyranoBuilder, Let's Collaborate

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I picked up TyranoBuilder on Steam today as I'm curious to see what I can do with it as opposed to Ren'py. I'm hoping to learn it by making a simple little project. Nothing major, probably just a standard dating sim of maybe 1-2 hours in length. Would anybody like to help out? I could always use a hand with art and music. Maybe if we like the finished product enough we could flesh it out a bit or work on something else afterwards.

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Right, let's see.


While I'm working on a different project on my end, here are a few resources I like to pass around.





The first is probably the best writing podcast on the net.  The second is an advice column by the guy who taught half the podcast members, though you'll notice some of the articles are basically copy/pastes of previous ones.  Not going to go too heavy on this since it's a learning project, but I'd say open a word document and get to writing ASAP.  Improve on it as much as you can while you wait for members to come up.

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