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  1. Anyone knows what kind of budget VNs like Grisaia No Kajitsu and Little Busters! and If My Heart Had Wings have? What about development times? These kind of games are relativily simple to make, and seem very low budget compared to AAA games.
  2. I'm not sure it exit discussion thread for Rewrite since I couldn't find it anyways. So which it exit freely to delete this thread and tell me where I can find Rewrite Discussion thread. So I wanted to make Discussion thread where we can talk about Rewrite game from Key. My first played it was long time ago, it was just some day after it come out, I download it from Erogegames and try to play it but didn't intresse me so much so I stop play it but suddenly I want to play Rewrite again, so I download it and have played it again after long time. Now want I to hear what there think about Rewrite and what there like about the game and what there don't like about the game. I want to know who your favorite heroine and hero is? What do you think about gameplay? Yes that's what discussion thread is most about. So come and join discussion about Rewrite.
  3. Nessa no Rakuen is a boy's love game. As from what I've seen, no one has even considered translating it and its such an amazing game! I mean that's just my opinion. I don't understand a word of it though and it upsets me greatly. D: I have no one to turn to about this and believe me if I could I would translate it myself but unfortunately I don't know how. ;___; So if anyone of you is willing to begin a translation project on it I would be so thrilled. Really, it would mean a lot considering no one has translated it yet. <3 The picture displayed below is a cover of the game. (The game itself takes place in Arabia from what I understand) And the characters displayed are Will (the blonde), Hakim (the man with dark hair), Ashraf (the man with purple hair), and Karim (the silver haired boy).
  4. Been considering getting a tablet, but before that, I wanted to ask. Can any visual novels be played/ported to it? For example, if I wanted to read Rewrite or IDK, Sengoku Rance or Kamidori on it, would that be possible? Asking because I have literally no knowledge regarding tablets herp V:
  5. Ok for those of you who know what an abridged anime is , and even those of you who don't, what would you guys think about having an Abridged VN? it would be great to take a crappy/mediocre VN that had some nice CG and completely rework the script for a better release. For VNs such as Cannonball which, in my opinion, could have had a much better script we could have a fan made and sponsored Abridged patch. What do you guys think?
  6. Well, I felt the need to post something along with my change of picture so I did this... My questions to you are: 1. What is your Favorite Nukige? 2. In what aspect did you like it? (Plot, Scene, Both) 3. If you have none, tell us a VN that you love with High Content. 3.1. 1 Heroine & 10 Scenes Min in the VN 3.2. 2 and above heroines, Min of 5 Scene appearances per Heroine , 20 Scenes Min in the VN. 3.3. Heroine appearance is not limited to an 1-1 scene. 4. You share as much as you want... Irrelevant Stuff:
  7. Hello everyone at Fuwanovel, its me Novel21 and I want to talk about Tears Of Tiara 2 after I finnaly was able to buy it. I have some question and from that we can discuss about it. Here is question 1. What do you like about Tears Of Tiara 2? 2. What do you dont like about Tears Of Tiara 2? 3. Who is your favorite characther? 4. What do you like best between Tears Of Tiara and Tears Of Tiara 2? I hope that was not for many question to answer. So come and talk about Tears Of Tiara 2.
  8. I have played almost 5 hours of Grisaia no Kajitsu but there is no 'Extra' option in the title screen. Is it supposed to appear if I complete a route or is there something wrong? I can't see any chapters because of that.
  9. I just realized that i made a mistake, and it was too late. There is this certain quest called "synthesize twin supplements" #44 but i forgot to do it in chapter 7 and it can be finished in chapter 7 (I'm at chapter 9 btw). i looked at the quest info but it had no failure info and can still be done so i guess its not too late to do the quest, but when i synthesized the supplement(i created 6 already),it did not trigger any events. i noticed that the said item doesn't have "event" written beside it. Any way to finished it?
  10. I'm going to play Clannd since that VN intresser me very much. But I Wonder Which rute I'm going to take. Can somerbody recommend me Which rute so are good?
  11. So I don't know if this is do-able or not but it's worth giving a shot. Recently there has been more demand for unexisting hacking tools on the Data extraction thread. (For recent games youcould say) I'm far from wanting to leave these demands unanswered but I - as a non computer science student - am unfortunately unable YET to help these future translators in hacking their game. I know a tutorial of that sort was made by user Proger on his blog 4 years ago. I have many questions for hackers whose answers will be the trigger -or not- to an attempt at making a hacking tutorial on the forum thus hopefully helping our fan translation community just a little more in their remarkable task. Questions to hackers : - Is Proger's tutorial correct ? If yes, is it still relevant for current games engines ? - I know the hacking process is different for every engine, but is there enough common "framework" between the different processes for this tutorial to be useful and exist ? - If yes, can the knowledge to create an extraction tool be summarized enough for the tutorial not to require months of learning ? - Would you as a hacker want to help me making that tutorial ? If the answers to question 2.3.4 are yes, then we'll be on our way to making that tutorial. \o/ RESTARTING SOON When ? No idea :xmas:
  12. Sunrider is an original english language visual novel that had a very successful kickstarter back in december. It features strategic turn based combat in space and a harem style space opera narrative. More information is available on the main site at http://sunrider-vn.com/ and the official wiki. The music and tactical combat in this game are probably the biggest highlights, but the story, art and dialogue are also really good. Some very talented voice actresses have also lent her voice to the characters (in combat only) like Amber Lee Conners and Kira Buckland. (google them if you don't know the names. you will know their work). download the game for free here: https://app.box.com/shared/static/jo7571s76qimy6llul75.zip I think it would be great if this game could be featured on this website (disclaimer: I'm the lead programmer on this game)
  13. Dear users, I'm trying to extract the scenario files of a .xp3 files. I tried, but I only get all the images, fonts, everything else except the text of the game itself. It's all gibberish, tried with crage + tpm file, but nothing works. Data.xp3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/nexfe2ew029u3yo/data.xp3 Sys.tpm http://www.mediafire.com/download/dhajt63yycrs3yd/sys.tpm Thanks in advance.
  14. as the title said, i've been played some VN but i dont remember the name but i've been already played comyu, hoshizora and g senjou no maou. It is ok if the arts enjoyable but have a touching/brave/unexpected story
  15. The title should cover the topic question. Mind giving me a name for a VN/dating sim that they actually say the name? Untranslated VNs are ok too. Thanks
  16. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? Yes Game Name: Fate/Stay Night Description of Problem: Error message, pic below. I cant save or load game Your Operating System: Windows 7 64 or 32 bit (link to how to find): 64 What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): Nothing yet Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yes
  17. Edited April 5th, 2014: Beginner's room is now CAPPED. Everyone else who wishes to join from now on will have to be put on a waitlist. Intermediate room is still open. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello All, Me and my friends are looking for people who would like to join us in learning Japanese through Visual Novels. We use skype to get together. How this works: In general, you might be familiar with Aaeru's post. http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net/2013/02/how-to-read-visual-novels-in-japanese-in-2-years-time-or-1-year-if-you-are-fast-%E2%80%95-learn-to-read-through-vn-or-anime/ However we'll be jumping straight into reading VNs after hira/kata, a few hundred kanjis, and basic grammar. (If you're still a beginner, that's no problem, come and hang around with us) We would answer any questions and help you with your studies. The setup the majority of us use is VN + ITH + JWPce/Jisho. Others use the wonderful Jparser. Feel free to use any other dictionary. Others supplement with Anki flashcards. For the near future: Once the recruitment process is done, people will nominate and vote for a VN to read and learn from. We would then set a deadline to read X amount of stuff by such-and-such date. The deadline isn't a doomsday time, rather we'll apply some sort of incentive system instead of punishing people who don't meet the deadline. We'll also set up a day to discuss material in group before the deadline. You can post questions in the skype room anytime, anyday. People should see it once they come online and be able to help you. If you want more help, you can always pm or call someone individually for help. This is suitable to fit people's schedules. The aim is to foster discussion with people asking questions as they read through the VN, and with others trying to help clarify. Anybody can hop in and join, from beginners, to advanced people (if you want to help). We just want the following from you: Be Open to H-scenes since that would keep our options wide. We probably won't be going to the extremes (yaoi-yuri, gore). To be courteous and respectful of other people's tastes. To be open-minded in many ways, open to new ideas, open to self-teaching. To participate actively and don't shy away from asking questions. If you're interested send me a message here at fuwanovel. OR skype me "rains90" EDITED MARCH 30th, 2014: Beginner's room's VN started 2 weeks ago on Koikishi Purely Kiss: http://vndb.org/v7260 Intermediate room's reached the OP movie of Kono Oozora http://vndb.org/v9093 Right now I need to know people's japanese skill level (more like what room they want to be in) and split people into the two groups. Everyone would have the option of switching in between the rooms if a beginner wants to tackle the harder VN, or vice-versa. So there're two options when it comes to the VN you want to do.
  18. hello everyone. I was just wondering if you know some of english translated psp visual novels out there. Right now, I have Toradora so I don't have any VN to play after this. I would really appreciate if you have some. If possible, an anime based one will do. Thank you
  19. Hi! I had a chat with a friend, and now I really want for her to get into the whole VN genre. I'm VN loner here in the physical world T.T Anyways, are there any females here? If so, what was your first VN? as a female, do you prefer female protagonists in your VNs? I was thinking of recommending her Steins;Gate because its pretty awesome, very easy to get into and read because there are no bad ends and the choice system is implemented very well, and of course no H-scene. any thoughts? Thanks
  20. I started this a while back... i think... January? And i instantly got hooked after the prologue. Maybe cuz i felt bad for Sekai but i got hooked nonetheless. While i was playing, i noticed that Makoto was gettin a lot of hate lol so i was wonderin why. That is one of the few reasons why i decided to finish all the endings for the VN. I really didnt like it all that much... Or rather, i didnt like it because of the two main heroines... Sekai is too much of a drama queen and Kotonoha is too clingy. My fave Heroines were Katou (Really liked her end) Kioura and Hikari. And after gein through all the endings, I blame Sekai and Kotonoha for all the hate Makoto gets... Hes just unlucky to have those two around lol. I just cant seem to like them... Also, Itaru is sooo cuuute~ >o< Despite that fact that i didnt enjoy it as much, im plannin on playin the other ones (cross days, summer days...)
  21. What are the most unforgettable moments you had in a VN you read? I'm not talking about the most 'favorite' moments, though these are applicable too I guess... I'm talking about moments that punched you so hard hard that you know you'll probably never forget them, moments that stayed with you for days. they can be scary, sad, happy, or exciting (or all of the above) For me, I have 2 of these: My first VN, Katawa Shoujo (also the moment I fell in love with VNs): And Grisaia no Kajitsu, which was more a "wtf?!?!" moment:
  22. I was wondering, the whole VN genre is not really popular - at least not where I come from. and it's sure not for everyone! how did you guys got started with it? I, for example, realized that VNs even exist only by mistake. So yeah, I'm really interested to hear, how did you guys start reading VNs?
  23. Hi i'm looking for people who also like Visual Novel's that may be interested in making one. If anyone is interested just say what could you do on the project and we would talk more after.
  24. I tried to read something on Visual Novel Aer recently and am extremely confused due to the terminology used in it. It's too much for me to keep searching up the terminology, so I'd like to ask right here: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Kami-ge? mini | holy | tsun | magic | sept? VNTS? 4chan? I may keep adding depending on what else I can't understand.
  25. Hello i'm looking for people who like Visual Novel's that would want to help make one. There will be "no qualifications needed" just a passion and enthusiasm for the project. If you're are interested post a reply and we will discuss it. So now who will join me on my crusade?
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