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  1. Yeah, still tell me cant import parcer name =\ Ok, thanks i guess
  2. So I want to be able to convert nscripter file. I came across this guy's website : https://github.com/franckv/nscripter2renpy I downloaded the archive and python 2.7 I launched cmd and entered command: python main.py -f script.txt > script.rpy Then i run python and try enter it again, but still received error about main.py Need help (Maybe i need not Python 2.7, but ver.3?)
  3. Request translation help: This all buttons looks like somehow connected to camera or camera mode: (Images not high quality, trying to understand what writing on them) Am i correct or understand something wrong? Here: Need help to be done:
  4. Sorry, fixed link for download
  5. Ok, like tittle say it Natsuiro High School translation project All info about it uploaded here: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Natsuiro_High_School About Story Translation All scripts uploaded on tlwiki (BUT i don't translate it on tlwiki, it's easy to do on my pc) Who want to help me or have something to discuss post here) And if somebody would help with translation some of images it would be great! If someone intrusted in joining, then write here or p.m. me
  6. Great thing that you try it to translate, sad that i'm not a hacker and cant help you with it...
  7. Here translated one, i don't re-check translation, simple copy it from post of nosebleed. Use as you like^^ Now it easy to understand) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ey9biFZI_NY0czSEg1UkRFWVk/view
  8. It's from PS3 game "NATSUIRO HIGH SCHOOL SEISHUN HAKUSHO" Pls help, need unpack scripts for easy translation "Images" extracted and translated (50%/100%) "Script\(Script.cat , Script2.cat)" extracted - Thanks for help with this! I already start translating some images and 1st prologue (But it so hard to find what i need in hex...) http://www.mediafire.com/download/y88x77075t50upq/NatsuScripts%282%29.rar It would great if somebody help me. Waiting for your replay, thank you (Important files, that i need to get, located at "script" and "event" [but if someone can help with all of them
  9. Ah, it's sad that i still dont find people that would help hack it...
  10. I know it, but it's easy to play on one system and don't watch~play in one time... (I mean use pc & ps3 ) Zokobot, for what have you done in future i would be your fun too
  11. Dear Zokabot. great work, i love s;g series and would wait for patch in future Because i cant play watch them and read, don't know how to say it, it's different form playing yourself... Huh? You translated Time travelers!?! Awesome, do you plan on future insert it in game? This i can watch, (now i don't need to buy it) simply, it's like movie. But if in future you make patch, I would happy buy it and play it on me ps3 (Yes, i have jailbreaked console, but i only use it for showtime and linux os) (Why sony do that.. I have tv-sony and on it you cant install plugins, but on samsung y
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