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  1. Fan Translator Skills Registration

    Handle: PaperSamurai Positions (in order of preference) : Translation Checker, Editor (if i do also get the audio to the txt), Proof Reader (i am not 100% sure about all of the positions so plz explain) Types of Proj. Preferred: my work is most beneficial with audio. Genre preference would be anything that is NOT otome, mystery, horror (i plan to do this in the evening and would like to have fun translating -w- ) There are some Drama that i might not favor so plz consider .-. Availability: Until the end of December, Fridays and Sundays would be the best days i'll be most free. i still have an hour a day that could be put into translations. The speed is not for me to judge (i try not to be cocky) i will message if i need more time or have errands that keep me from translations (think of me as a "part time worker" not full-time ) Personal VN that i prefer reading: As i mentioned in my profile i like Storylines such as kamidori alchemy meister Little Busters! (i have also enjoyed Majikoi and Battle Moon Wars Motivation of Joining: I felt like Joining so here i am .-. please reply before i change my mind >> Motivations: i don't think about that stuff .-. if anything i would like to know myself if i actually have talent for these kind of things >> Conditions: - I will like to know someone i could contact weekly to keep everyone and myself posted - i will like to have the audio to the translations (for the sake of efficient work) - I'll take feedback (even complains) BUT i do not tolerate arrogance nor ignorance - if i need to speed up my work plz tell me ( only if you are my superior ) Communication is key - plz do not give me 15MB worth of scrip at once @~@ (my poor Asian brain will be fried with a glance like Squid Kalamari ) - Just because i am Japanese, Please do not expect to much from me (i tutor and help translate at my college but this is my first time doing online ) for further questions or notes i have not mentioned, plz message me ^ ^)/