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  1. The Real Places in VNs

    Katawa Shoujo's school is set in the location of the ruins of Sendai Castle. https://cplcrud.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/the-easter-egg-edition/
  2. recommend me a eroge :) thx!!

    Hmm,Euphoria could be a good one.I don't know if you would like it,but it deserves a look.
  3. I need some help

    Good enough for me.The next VN i play is going to be Dracu-riot.Thanks for helping everyone,i really appreciate it!
  4. I need some help

    I've looked around the forums and i have seen you recommending Dracu-riot.....a lot.Is it really that good? It seems like i would enjoy it.I've looked it up and i like the premise,although i don't know if it is my kind of game.Would you say that it is closer to Majikoi or to Princess Evangile/Noble Works.If i am not mistaken,it is made from the same people who made Noble Works,and they are going to release another VN later this year.
  5. I need some help

    Hmm,never heard of it.Could i have a vndb link? I searched for a ''steampunk'' VN series but i may have found the wrong series.If you are talking about the ones by Liar-Soft,then unfortunately i would have to say no.I'm looking for something closer to majikoi,and from what i've seen of the steampunk series,i won't like it.Sry.
  6. I need some help

    Huh,i've heard a lot of good things about Grisaia no Kajitsu,and i remember that i tried it for just a bit(5 mins,more or less)and hated it.But that was a long time ago(almost 2 years),and i always wanted to go back and give it another shot.Added it to my ''to-play'' list.
  7. I need some help

    Reading VNs is one of my favorite pastimes,although i don't have too much free time for them.I started reading 2 years ago,and i have read only 10 or so VNs,and enjoyed about half of them.I'm writing all of this because i really want to find that next awesome VN.My absolute favorite VN is Majikoi by a long shot,with Katawa Soujo,Noble Works,Princess Evangile and Eiyuu Senki as the ones i have enjoyed the most. I am also extremely picky.I have tried reading a lot more than just 10,but i gave up on them soon after the 30-45 minute mark.I'm mostly looking for a good plot.,with some good romance. Can anyone please recommend any visual novels that you would think i would enjoy?Thank you EDIT:Also,i would like to point out that i hate "old" visual novels.I find it extremely hard to enjoy something with that particular style of graphics.I know that graphics shouldn't play that big of a role in visual novels,but for some reason it makes the experience much worse for me(however,i would be willing to read one if the writing in it is that good).
  8. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Since you know that the answer is already no,why do you keep asking to help? The QCer is nearly done,so you wouldn't really speed up the process,it has been already noted that a QCer can't be both fast and efficient(technically he can,but most if not all aren't both) and you are trying to take his job/tell him how to do his job,which obviously frustrates him. Just leave it as is,i'm sure that he can do his job without your help.
  9. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    It indeed is but i expected a bit more interest in the game and a lot more questions when this second topic was made.Half of the comments here are ''Merry Christmas'' or ''Good job on the TL''.I don't like the idea of the only person with anything significant to talk about around here being you with the updates,but it seems like it's the best/only option we have So yeah,i guess i'm going to shut up now.
  10. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Sorry It's kinda easy to go off topic with so few updates and nothing else to talk about but with all this hype for getting so close to the end.
  11. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Well,the QC is ''nearly'' done.I predict that in the next month it will be finished and we will be just sitting here,waiting for the programmer to come back.
  12. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    This comment was unfathomably stupid,so let me ask a very generic question.I searched through older posts and didn't really understand it.Who is this hacker everyone is talking about,and what does he have to do with the TL?Is he trying to ''steal'' the translation and post it as his own?
  13. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Since we are getting very close the ''end'' can we get a sort-of ETA? Not an actuall date-time but something like ''in about 2 months''