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  1. I know that translation of Majikoi is out, but can someone tell or PM me the link to download Majikoi ? Prefer torrent, but accept all. And i read a synopsis of [email protected], are the english patch is on work? because it got me interested and one more,im trying to play chaos head with japanese locale and the game said debugger detected close debugger and try again.
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  3. RT @pewdiepie: Worst thing about having no internet is that you can't tweet out that you don't have internet.

  4. RT @Fact: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin

  5. as the title said, i've been played some VN but i dont remember the name but i've been already played comyu, hoshizora and g senjou no maou. It is ok if the arts enjoyable but have a touching/brave/unexpected story
  6. well lately i've been playing TES V: Skyrim , Sleeping Dogs and CoD Modern Warfare 2 & 3 because i didnt find any interesting and translated VN and i dont feel to replay the VN. hehehe
  7. wow, whats your internet speed? because when im in indonesia i feel the pain with Smartfren package with FUP limited connections at 15kbps being the highest hahaha
  8. welcome ! a strange name,doesnt it? where do you came from? feel free to ask VN to the forums btw
  9. i'd like to reserve the ticket , i may watch depends on my limited time hehe
  10. im the same because at least i can predict some of the outcome of the story for childhood friend
  11. Nicholas Kristian using @isphypernet Free Hotspot at Baywalk Greenbay. #ispHypernet | Free High Speed Wifi

  12. for now the error solved but here comes another error. hoshizora now works fine. ayakashibito missing autoexec.scn. kimi no nagori still error e=0 altough the patch comes just fine in my PC. Clannad and other that using reallive.exe said debugger detected altough im not open anything beside it. i already follow the step to install ikikoi but still error that translated as doest found cd. some error in japanese for fate and many things. sorry if too many error
  13. welcome to the forum btw im a newbie too, so i hope we can get along
  14. Hello everyone, lately i've been moving all my VN data to my HDD, the installer/the original download from the Fuwanovel. But it seems that when i trying to install some VN, it will always be " Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item I've already tried some steps like click unblock on the properties, run as admin, and im the only user (and of course the admin). More suggestions, everyone? My Laptop running Windows 8.1 Single Language (English) and before my laptop has been factory reseted, some VN i already installed is running like Hoshizora, Comyu, and Kimi no nagori wa shizuka ni yurete
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