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  1. Well, as much as what I'm going to say seems of topic, it still needs to be said. Many people here are questioning what is the true role of a translator, and how much power does he have over the work of art he is translating? Before anything, I must exclaim that i have been translating different stuff (ie: movies, books, conversations) for almost a decade(8 years now) . From English to Arabic, witch i'm fluent in, and from Arabic to English. so , even if i don't know any Japanese, i can still say a thing or two about translating. (not bragging here, just making things clear) First
  2. Wow, this looks pretty awesome, quite a level above unhack. you have grown up quickly, invertmouse a new setting to explore... and a mysterious one at that... interesting...
  3. your right! and fore more proof, notice in the second trailer were the priest says the line: shirou emiya, you should remain till the end and win this was copy/pasted straight from heavens feel's route! i would know, cuz i'm playing this route right now. And after this shoking revelation, I'm thinking about stopping, so i could enjoy the anime more
  4. Thats because i was the one to revive it; i was searching for ahadow700's post's, and while there, i found this wonderfull gem! and i'm still saying you should upload this in your channel. do you understand the amount of fans who will rejoice, or non-fans that will discover this masterpiece? your choice of withhelding this work of art is tantamount to blasphemy! what happend to the guy that whanted to spread visual novels? and who cares if there's more than one video about it? the more the merrier i say. something else i noticed in your posts, ashadow700, is that you keep degradi
  5. Man, your pic say's it all, Kendjin
  6. as old as this is... i'm going to reply here and now:WHY IS THIS NOT ON YOU CHANNEL???!!! as for the actual feedback: i think your video would work perfectly as an intro to a full review, if you shorten it just like kendjin told you. but, if thats not what you whant, i think leaving it the way it is wouldn't be a bad idea. it's more fitting you give this VN a special kind of video, as it's not quite like most other VN's. i would also suggets giving it a title the will draw in any kind of person. something with a question mark at the end.
  7. well, what can i say? it seem's i realy was living under a rock i'll try my best to jot down all these suggestions. and try them one by one. though i suppose most of what i said came from my dislike for romantic stuff (obviously)and was kind of overwhelmed by all ones i did read. VN's have a great, if not the greatest in my oppinion, ability to tell a story. and i was kind of fealing it was a shame there wasnt enough one's with different story's, though now i understand this was due to my lack of knowledge. but, nontheless, i must thank you guy's for quick, accurate and clear response
  8. So, yeah. since coming into the VN world, one of the things that bothered me the most were the seemingly unseen divine rule's most of them have. who hasnt asked: why do all VN's have to take place in high school? why do all VN's have to be about a male/female protagonist trying to find the opposite sex? yes, i know there are exceptions, such as the Muscle Sensation route in little busters. but thats the only exception i personnaly know of. Refrain is one of the best routes in VN history, and while admitedly i have yet to play it, to the best of my knowledge, it's not very romance foc
  9. Greeting's, loyal otaku's! I've been reading visual novels for quite some time know, about 5 months or so, and have been blown away by the medium so badly, i had to find SOMEBODY i could talk with about this awesome stuff. and since there is probably nobody else in my country who know's about visual novels (except for my closest friends), my only alternetive was this site. and what a lovlely ulternative indeed! the sheer amount of conversation's, fan debates and discussions was a little overwhelming at first. and so, I shall start by listing the visual novels i have so far read:- katawa s
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