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  1. Possibly whenever Mellow has the time and money available to do this all again.
  2. She's soooooo cute! I'm taking her home with me!!!
  3. *Crap* *Ahem...cough* Mellow shall now announce the winner(s) of this contest... 1st place goes to: Krill! Since his post of what we all look like was the most creative. (excluding the watermelon of course) Also, that is one weird best girl... Mellow approves! 2nd place goes to: suikashoujo! Because his picture of what we look like is the closest to what Mellow actually looks like. 3rd place goes to: Chocolat! Because it's the only place left... and that goatee you gave me is awesome. I'll be sending pm's to you all by order of what place you got, the pm's will be to collect the relevant information like where to ship the prizes to. Great work everyone who was a part of this contest! Mellow is very satisfied with the contest in general. Before I close the contest though... Mellow is sorry to announce that he cannot reveal the identity of best girl. Best girl is Mellow's, nobody can have her but Mellow!
  4. Lies! Krill lies! Mellow knows best girl, and best girl is much, MUCH weirder than that!
  5. Hmmm.... Seems like perfectly valid evidence to me... But NO! She is NOT best girl!
  6. Gah! The amount of yandere love in here is going to kill me... ...unless Rena gets to me first Anyway, the results will be up Saturday. Until then, I leave you all to wonder who best girl is.
  7. Eh, I was hoping the story would at least be good, I've seen enough of this stuff that I don't feel the need to read one without a great story to back it up. It it ever gets a translation i'll check it out, but I know of other works if I want gore in my vn's or even games in general. The art looks fantastic though.
  8. Nice one, Mellow's backlog is full of rpg's that need to be finished. EDIT: Aaaand here's part 2. I'm adding it into this post so that I don't end up double posting. I probably got everyone's appearances wrong, but oh well, that's part of the fun, I guess. Also, since I thought the pictures on their own weren't very exciting, I added a picture of myself (VERY nondescript, so the other contestants don't know my true appearance ) and made a little logo to commemorate the contest. This is my last entry, after all, so I figured I'd have a little extra fun with it. Mellow looks like a British rock musician. Reminds me of John Lennon or Elton John.
  9. That quote Sadly, I can't see your drawing though Chocolat, Shiro isn't best girl as i've yet to watch that show. Mellow goes for the weird ones.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVXYVtYvBW8
  11. Here is some more motivation for you three. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H46dLmT5HVI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEevNbTtMio
  12. Uh, they are both made by Type Moon, so it's not really a collaboration. Melty Blood is an awesome game though. I'm looking forward to the release of Under Night in Birth since French Bread announced the localization. Also, i'll probably post some more music here in the next two weeks so I have something to listen to while reading through the posts. You are all welcome to join as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
  13. This man speaks the truth! Anyway, time for the final round. Since Mellow likes to torture people, this round will be two topics. 1. Draw me a picture of the best girl. (no hints will be given) 2. Draw me a picture of what you believe the other contestants look like, as well as what you believe Mellow looks like. Before anyone asks, nobody will be counted down if they somehow don't know who best girl is. Also since Mellow is feeling generous, here is a little something to motivate you three. I know it motivates me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvbaM-URygs Ganbatte~
  14. Gah! Krill, how did you know I have a soft spot for Rena?
  15. I like the direction the art style has went in. The original art was great, but this new style has me even more interested. Really looking forward to seeing the art in this next demo.
  16. If that is what you want, that is what you shall get. But be prepared for this. So it's just Krill, suikashoujo, and chocolat... hehehe... good. I'll post the final topic tomorrow night since I wasn't expecting it so soon. you'll get 2 weeks to do it since it will be a much more difficult task than the previous ones.
  17. Chocolat <3 Sorry about that everybody. I was out of town, and the house I was staying at had crappy internet so I couldn't post anything. Do you guys want me to go ahead and post the next topic or wait until the weekend to do so?
  18. Well, it's that time again... finally. Looks like a few are going to be disqualified for not posting anything for 3 weeks this time. (Mellow himself would be disqualified for not changing the topic for 3 weeks, but he can't be disqualified) Next topic is: make something that expresses what art means to you. This time you only get till next Sunday to post something.
  19. Mellow likes yanderes, But seriously, I promise you all that from here on this contest will be a weekly round only. Regardless of what happens, even if Mellow is in the middle of something huge, next Sunday the next topic goes up and people will mysteriously disappear from the contest. I apologize to all you lovely people for the delay.
  20. Well, if you all thought Mellow was mercurial, you wont be surprised when he tells you... this round will be extended by one week. Mellow has some things coming up and will be busy this week. Soon Mellow might become Mellow-Sensei.
  21. So it's not Sakuma drop? I do agree that Naomi's compromise seems like the best solution offered so far. I think a neutral stance on this is for the best, especially if it ends this debate.
  22. I actively support the VN industry by buying what gets localized as much as I can, and i'll continue to do so (and soon japanese language VN's as well) regardless of what happens with Fuwa. That being said, i'm in agreement with those who believe Fuwa should keep those two torrents. When I first joined Fuwa, I was new to VN's and like most of you probably were, I was looking for a site where I could find more of them to enjoy. As someone who is pretty behind the curve when it comes to technology, I had never used a torrent or anything like that before so it was a new experience for me. I wasn't really sure about all of this, then I read some statements written by Aaeru on the subject of copyright and all of that and I have to say I agree with a great majority of her statements on the subject. I likened it to my own beliefs as an artist. As some of you probably know by now, i'm a huge supporter of anything that can be called art. I also do some work myself and while i've been away from all of it for a while, i'm slowly getting back into it. I have had quite a few talks with some fellow artists as well as others who just enjoy art and one thing I often get asked is if I would like to make a living creating art. My answer is always that the though has never crossed my mind. I would gladly make a living teaching it, but not selling it. I believe art is at it's best when it is made for the sake of art itself and nothing else. I plan to become a teacher down the road, and if I do teach art I will try my best to convey this idea to my students. That being said, i'm not one to support forcing anyone to agree to anything, I think it's wonderful that there are so many people with differing opinions and perspectives in this world. It would be a shame if there weren't, as I find it makes life more interesting. But those are just my thoughts on the issue, I will continue to support VN's and art in general regardless of the decision, as well as supporting Fuwa.
  23. Thats too bad, was quite looking forward to her drawing. Well I hope it goes all right for her, whatever it is.
  24. I highly suggest trying the demo, it gives you just enough of a preview to really see if the game is for you.
  25. Krill.... you'll make me blush with all those compliments... And yes, it's all according to my whims! Not enough people post when it's only 1 week so i've changed it to 2 weeks.
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