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  1. Hey , can you tell me how did you repacked the data4.pack folder of this game , you see I am done with translation stuff for the scripts but they need to be repacked...
  2. Hello , I think you should try notepad first and also encodings reconvertion tool to get the script in shift jis format...
  3. qliepackV1.exe r シナリオ data4.pack this is the scenario folder in which there are sub folders containing scripts...besides this folder there are two more in which one contains sound for the game and third one contains a 18+ image...when I pack one folder into data4.pack and then try to pack another folder , the previous one gets deleted...I need to repack them all at once...
  4. I tried that and the game doesn't read that file , it says (files missing to run the application) All I have to do is repack them at once...I tried repacking them one by one , I can repack two of the 3 folders but when i try to put the third folder , it deletes the other two...what to do bro...
  5. I found how to extract and edit but now I am lacking is a repack tool...
  6. Nevermind that , I found how to repack the files ....phewwww...but there are 3 folders I need to repack in data.pack...how can I do this?
  7. Hello again , sorry for disturbing you again and again , but I found that scenario file is name is written in Japanese , so I am not able to write it in cmd.exe , is there a way to do that bro?
  8. Hey bro , hopefully I found the pc version as you told I used Garbro to extract the files and yes I found the scripts but the link you shared to repack the script , I don't seem to understand that...can you give me some basic info how to perform the actions , plzz...I have been waiting for a long time to play this game in English translation...
  9. VN is Princess Lover! You won't find any pc version , try searching in Japanese language...as I found pc version after using it hehe...also will it replace the script file in *.pack...like after I am done translating named op1.s , will it replace the same file in the original version after repacking, because there are also sub folders present in original .pack
  10. Hello , I did it but it seems it doesn't work on the game...it says , extracting data4... And then in another second it ends the extraction...but I used another tool Garbro to extract the files...but after translation , I am looking for repacker...if you know anything which can work , it would be helpful
  11. Hello thanks for replying but how do make it work in command promt...can u give me the format plzz
  12. Hey , can you help me? In what format do I need to write (the path to data folder) and also the output filename is the one which we edit and want to repack right?
  13. Ok , so I am trying to translate a vn , the game files are in .pack for which I used Garbro to extract the script files...I can read the script file through in build shift jis...but after extracting that particular script with extension .s type , it is unreadable....can someone recommend me a tool so that I can change the .s script to shift jis and then translate it to English and repack it to the game folder...plzz help
  14. Is there any tool to extract script from .scx type files?
  15. The problem is that the pc version of this game is nowhere to be found , it is not available to even buy...and luckily I found the PS2 version of the same...o I was hoping to play it through emulator after I am done with scripts
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