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  1. As for textractor, I'm really hoping that I do manage to find a way to find the correct thread, as the regex filter function is my best shot at tackling the symbol issue. I did post an issue on the textractor page, still waiting for an answer on that one. That being said he seems to be spending most of his time on other projects these days, so I'm not sure as to how much he'll be able to help. the exact games are Love Fetish: vol. 1~3; I'm having the same issue in all three games( haven't tried the later ones yet) I'll take a look at the OCR tool, thankfully the fon
  2. So I've been trying to run a few EROGOS games (namely the Love Fetish series) And thought that I'd use textractor or ITH to hook and extract the Japanese text from the game. Textractor is unable to get a hold on the particular thread with the actual Japanese text, and while ITH manages to hook the thread just fine, the said thread also included an infuriating blinking arrow symbol that appears every half-second at the bottom of the dialogue box. Without any way to prevent this symbol from being hooked as part of the text, It constantly pushes the actual dialogu
  3. It's a very old game from haoh, and like alot of older games is full of choices and route paths that really don't make sense. I gave it a few goes but only managed to reach 1 ending, and even now I'm not really sure how I got there. I see a low possibility of it happening but still, if anyone can manage to find or make a walkthrough for this game, I would greatly appreciate it
  4. A few tries with the directory did the trick, the new arc files works! Sadly I can't get the changes I want to implement (restoring the cg mode the devs broke on release), might have to try fishing around for games the original game files for this one. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your help!!
  5. For some inexplicable reason I seemed to have missed your post, I'm trying your method right now but for some reason I'm failing to produce a archive. The command i'm using is (copypasted from the prompt) F:\New Game\MagicalPrince\hacks\arc>arc_conv.exe --pack qlie F:\New Game\MagicalPrince\hacks\arc\data0 data0 (the folder containing arc_conv is 'arc', and the files to be packed are in a folder named 'data0' placed within 'arc'.) of course the goal is to create data0.pack, but no so far running the codes don't seem to create anything. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Okay never mind my last post, I just reinstalled the game from scratch to completely remove any possibility of lingering values. Without running the game, I modified the Config.tjs parameters from earlier to 0xffffff and recompressed > ran the game. The text is still in black, which just leaves me confused. I think I may be missing something here, but I can't imagine what.
  7. the defaultShadowcolor/Edgecolors were changed early on, but again doesn't seem to register when I repack the archives. At this point I'm suspecting that the game is running with the previous settings, I found this written near the defaultChColor scripts: // この設定はシステム変数に記録されて、次回起動時に引き継がれるので、 // userFace の設定を変更し、適用したい場合はシステム変数ファイル // ?????sc.* の "chdefaultFace" => の行を削除してください。 basically it mentions needing to delete a line regarding chdefaultFace to change fonts, but the location of the said line is unreadable.
  8. Tried it again in this order: edited the Config.tjs scripts, recompressed the scripts into a xp3 archive. cleared the savedata folder in the base game, inserted the new data.xp3 into the game folder and ran the game. As of now the text seems to remain unchanged. I'm changing all 0x000000 parameters to 0xffffff just to be safe, and from what I can tell it's applying to the text in system messages but not the actual dialogue.
  9. I can find defaultChColor, defaultShadowColor and defaultEdgeColor set to 0x000000 in Config.tjs. I changed all three to 0xffffff just in case, but the message display doesn't seem to change once I put the modified scripts into the game. As for Layer.drawText, I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  10. To specify, I'm working with a kirikiri game that has it's codes stored in tjs files. I found that the text overlay is a bit unfit for reading, so I decided to modify the texture and change the color of the normal dialogue text accordingly. Only problem is, I can't seem to identify the codes that determine the text color. In the game all normal dialogue is printed in black, while the dialogue during 'full screen text box' parts are in white; my goal would be to make the normal dialogue color be printed in white as well. I'm assuming the font files themselves can't be
  11. Hello, I'm trying to play a game called 'Magical Prince', a game that was buggy on release and criticized for it. Apparently the folks in Japan found ways to make the game more playable, and one of them was to edit the game data files directly. However, upon opening the game files I found that the files in question are stored in .pack archives, and while I can decompress them without issue I can't seem to find a way to repack them into working archives. Does anyone know any ways for repacking, or perhaps editing through .pack archives?
  12. Apparently it's one of the 'classics' of VNs, and was fairly popular in its prime. I got my hands on the ISO for the PSP version and am trying to see if I can get it hooked to a decent text extractor, or even better, crack open the archives. Pity the DVDPG version is more or less extinct, they even made animated cutscenes for that thing and never added them to PC renewal editions.
  13. For those unfamiliar, I'm referring to https://vndb.org/v913#main its a very old game, dating back from 2002 so I doubt a lot of people have played it. Now I'm trying to start up, and I realized that there are no voices for any of the characters. The original game had no voices, but vndb lists VAs, so I'm assuming that one of the later versions had voices added to them. However, the only info I could find on the matter is that there is a DVDPG version from 2008 with voices, and no other mentions on the subject. If anyone happens to have played a voiced pc copy o
  14. It... it works! Without that extra directory, the file finally works with the game! I can't thank you enough for all the help you've given me.. These obscure archive extensions have been giving me so many headaches, and I'm a complete novice at this stuff; there's no doubt that I'd have given up completely on this whole project if it hadn't been for your assistance throughout this thread. Now at long last, I can get a move on with my localization. If I ever get to finish my project through all the other stuff going on, I'll definitely remember to include a special thanks to you
  15. The contents of the archive amounts to 449 eri files, so I'm trying the 'list file' method instead. What keeps happening though is that the archiver compresses the list text file itself, instead of reading it. the commands I've attempted is .\noa32c.exe /p /d /raw /l "E:\yosuga\print.txt" "E:\yosuga\data1.noa" and .\noa32c.exe /p /d /raw "/l E:\yosuga\print.txt" "E:\yosuga\data1.noa". currently the eri files are in the same directory as the noa32c.exe, and the list file looks like this:
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