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  1. Good afternoon I would like if you can help me why in the "KRKREXTRACT" it gives me this error; beforehand, I already put the program and the folder in the windows exceptions list and it is the latest version to date, 5.0
  2. That is the problem that does not allow me to upload the images and the problem is that I use the Kirikiri to unpack and pack since the krkr extract does not work for me and it sends me that error !!!Also the error is how can I make the sig files for xp3 ???
  3. Good afternoon, sorry I have a problem translating this game (女 に さ せ ら れ た オ レ が 幼 馴 染 み の 彼女 に な る な ん て… ~ ♂ × TS は 、 オ レ!? ~), the detail is that when I check it without packaging it opens, but at the time of packaging the game does not start and the error of the image appears. Anyone who can help me? is that I want to package it and I can't think of how? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l4rM8V6aU4CDchaCOpg9qV5iUWXHRkod/view?usp=sharing
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