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  1. Maho☆Tama Series - Oshaburi Hen DLSITE *SUMMARY* The main character, Youji, wakes up one morning to his childhood friend, Hiiragi Mako, giving him a nice morning "surprise." A few days later, due to some magical circumstances, Youji gets bitten in the groin by a snake! and the class president Sakuragi Chisa has to suck out the poison to save him. *Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order* There are two heroines, four routes, and seven choices in this game. These seven choices create an abundance of combinations (60+~) that can lead to each route, however
  2. I've actually been interested in attempting to translate the Mahotama series specifically by EROGOS, however I have been having some difficulties reverse-engineering the games, plain and simply I heavily underestimated how complicated it was to even get the text out, let alone putting it back in.
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