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  1. ...and wow a UI update? That's neat. Has anything changed in the months I've been gone?
  2. I'm not sure if it was them or Google, but only 2 games remained on their page since this year. And if the iOS patches were supposed to work with the Android versions, boy do I feel like the world's biggest fool. Not that it matters anymore anyway since there's no APK available anywhere on the internet as far as I looked.
  3. *sobs in Periphery December never coming back to Google Play*
  4. Update: I know this thread may be dead, but I've emailed Talestune regarding this issue, though I was given an mail returned to sender error in my inbox with the email included with no error message included anywhere. Is it possible for people to block off emails from certain regions?
  5. I can understand retail workers, they're doing their 9-5 for to make a living. However it's different than, say, translation/localization for VN's since not a lot of people get into retail for the joy of it to start. Although I can't speak from experience, I'd assume VN translation isn't one of those "I gotta make money somehow" jobs? If anything, if you are deciding to work with a company dedicated to translating VN's, not exactly a mainstream game genre, then it's safe to assume you do it because you enjoy visual novels, which is something the people in the leaks didn't even seem to show a sliver of that passion. It'd be like if you wanted to get into teaching anatomy but you hate life sciences.
  6. Browse vndb out of boredom, also I wouldn't buy from MangaGamer rn due to the discord leaks
  7. Man, did they really just disappear from the face of the earth? I don't even know enough Japanese to at least email them about the purge, if they'll even respond
  8. NScripter? Haven't heard that name in a hot minute..
  9. try emulating the locale, if it doesnt work then run it on a vm
  10. although saya no uta shouldve been a one and done deal, i cant wait for it to put a void in my soul and mercilessly crush my heart like last time
  11. Ah, I've actually checked this out before at one point, I even planned on reading it one day
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