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  1. Dark Nights [Mystery/Romance/Fantasy/Horror]

    Hence the development took 6 years, haha. It's my first project, so I'd like to offer it for free. I hope for more people to enjoy my work. During those 6 years, I had to work a lot on my skills. I never drew background arts, published any writing and I was kind of new to digital art. Don't get me started on programming... Even so, thanks to my passion and support of a lot of people, I managed to complete this. I believe this is a medium-length VN (for one route without testing all choices). Nowadays I see a lot of short VNs with 1-2 hours length, so mine may look long? Anyway, I hope to hear from you again if you try!
  2. Website | Tumblr | Twitter | Discord | Itch | Lemmasoft | VNDB Download the full game on itch.io: https://pinlin.itch.io/darknights ♦ Game info ♦ Commercial or free? Free Release date? 31 October 2019 Screensize: 1280 x 720 Genre: Mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, psychological Rate: 16+ for violence, blood and suggestive themes There are 3 different type endings per route. Romantic End | Normal End | Death End ♦ Features ♦ ♦ 4 routes, each with a unique storyline ♦ 16 possible endings, 4 per storyline ♦ At least 10 hours playtime - 60,000 - 70,000 words per storyline. Total 270,608 words ♦ 8+ side characters, vary per route. ♦ 60 CG art/20+ cut scenes ♦ 60 Original background art ♦ 40 Original soundtracks ♦ 29 Achievements ♦ Opening video ♦ Bonus material ♦ Story ♦ The protagonist is student who has no goals in life. She lives in a calm village and grows bored of the environment. Despite her potentials, she doesn’t work to develop them. Suddenly disappearances occur in the village. At the same time the protagonist meets new faces. It is suspected that a new resident is possibly involved in the events. The protagonist chooses one to investigate. From there the plot separates in four different story lines. Along the story she realizes what is important to her and discovers new things about her environment. The story is told through moving sprites, original background art, unique illustrations and original soundtracks. Despite the title, Dark Night’s world is vibrant with visuals. The story appears to be slice of life, but it quickly gets down to its true color. ♦ Main characters ♦ Miyoko (can be changed): The heroine (you) in this story. A strong, badass and intelligent daredevil. Junoru: Just like his appearance, he is a real gentle man. He always speaks in a polite manner and is kind to the heroine. On the other hand his expression always carries a little bit of sadness. He is often absent-minded, which makes the heroine wonder what he is thinking about. Kurato: A strange guy who suddenly appear in front of the heroine's house. After a few incidents and misunderstandings, he is labeled as a stalker. Despite his cheerful personality, the heroine suspect his true intentions are different. Sachiro: He is a little shy around new people, but keeps his friendly attitude. He is often seen alone during night. Somehow he disappears exactly when the murders occur. He may not look harmful, but what is hidden behind this innocent face? Zeikun: Blunt and straight forward character. He prefers to be alone and often chases others away. Despite his cold attitude, he saves the heroine on the verge of death. Since he avoids questions, the heroine thinks he is hiding something. ♦ Art ♦ ♦ Questions for you ♦ Which route was did you and play and which did you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts of: - Writing/story - Visuals - Music/sound - Game mechanics - Characters/overall experience ♦ Solo project ♦ Story, sprite art, bg art, cg art, GUI and programming are done by myself. I worked with a few composers to create original soundtracks and sound effects. This game will NOT have voice acting. It may change my mind depending on how much support this project gets.