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    sherlock4869 reacted to Phantom in A personal discussion about feelings for a visual novel character, what do you think?   
    Hello there, I haven't posted in a long time so I wanted to ask some people what they thought about this topic as recently it has gotten to me like being hit by a truck. Just as a heads up, I've played a lot of different visual novels in the past including visual novels from Pulltop / latte, Yuzusoft, circus etc and only the English releases because I do not understand Japanese. Minor spoilers as I will be discussing a character in a visual novel and how it relates to my life. This is a bit of a personal discussion but I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts on it.
    So I just finished playing a route from Sanoba Witch, specifically Meguru Inaba's route and I have to say I've never before liked a character from a game / visual novel before this much. This girl for me in my eyes is amazing in many ways. She is basically very similar to me but in girl form (I'm a guy), she is cute, fun to be around, funny, daring, dresses very nicely (especially during the Halloween party, and when she reveals her normal look at home), beautiful, adorable, sensitive and worries about what others thinks of her, likes to stick with people she is very close to and opens up to them, clingy (Yes for me this is a positive). She plays games, reads books, likes staying at home and generally a very nice, loving person who has a heart of gold. Now I'm really hoping I'm not looking crazy right now to some people over this because I can understand that this looks way too over analysed but these are my thoughts on the character after going through her route from start to finish including the after story.
    After going through her route I was feeling so happy and having so much fun being in the shoes of the protagonist, I sometimes like to think I am the protagonist because I make the choices during the game and I was having such a blast because I was so in love with her character. I felt like if I were to meet this character in real life and we were to bond, I would fall for her instantly. And at this point, it hits me (you?). You are nearly the end of the route and you know the character's story is going to end. You will likely never have another game involving that character and you will never have another encounter with them. This is where I actually start to want to stop playing and in this case it is really hard for me as I've gotten so attached to a character I've been involved with because I want to stop the inevitable. The end of the story. I would stop playing the game for a bit to stop myself from finishing the story knowing that the story is still not over but I always felt really sad when I thought about never being with that character on a personal level ever again. It actually hurts. I feel sad. I feel unhappy. I feel upset. Because I know this character does not exist in real life. I think I know the reason I feel so strongly about Meguru and the reason is it's a person I've been longing for in my life. She's a good friend, a good listener, a good comforter and a good lover that will be there for you no matter what and in my opinion one of the strongest characters I've ever known. Her backstory was also quite sad and when I resolved her problem (without spoiling it) I felt really happy I could help someone I was interested in greatly. Another problem I've faced in other visual novels and especially this one now is the fact that the story has ended and it is time to move on to another character route. This greatly pains me. I'm no longer there to help her. I've lost that connection with her that I found so special.
    Think of it this way. If you were to fall in love in real life with a girl and you go through a year together and one day, poof. You are back to where you started before you fell for that girl and you both lost all memories of the times you were together. The loop continues. This for me is just painfully sad. I normally get over it but this time I'm likely going to have to take a break from that visual novel because I felt such a connection with this character because of so many similar traits and traits I really liked. I will continue the other stories of the game at some point and I'm sure I will like the others girls too but even during the common route I knew she was the one I was going to really like. I'm actually unsure if I'm just really weird or this is something people normally feel (I am a sensitive person) who haven't had a strong connection like this. Do you think this is weird or not? I've love to hear your thoughts on it.
    Lastly I just wanted to say, Meguru Inaba may not be real but she has had a real impact on me deep in my heart, I 100% fell for this girl and if I had a free wish to make her be real in my life I'd take it because it would make me so happy to be with a person like her. She is wonderful and I'm really happy to have met and enjoyed the character's company in this game and I hope to meet someone just like her in real life. Visual novels done right have amazing effects.
    Thank you very much for reading, if you have any thoughts or would like to discussion please write it so I can reply.
    Edit: I just remember I forgot to mention that personal feelings doesn't have to be romance related. It could be a personal connection, a good friend, any kind of attachment etc. My case is related to a romance connection but others may not be.
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    sherlock4869 reacted to Fraiziar in Amairo * Islenauts (Partial patch release + recruitment) DISCONTINUED   
    1. VN Info
    2. Synopsis
    3. Project Introduction
    4. The Patch/Progress
    5. The Team
    Disclaimer-I'm not very good at forum-posting.
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    sherlock4869 reacted to Infernoplex in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Btw, just to make a small update while we are here.
    We got some attention on OAG today, and the progress that was mentioned there was when I originally posted this thread. Right now, at this very moment, we are at 6% for the TL of the H-scenes, courtesy of @Zephyrast
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    sherlock4869 got a reaction from JoshB2084 in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Hi,  just want to say thanks guys for translating the 18+ version on the game,  won't play the game yet and will when the patch comes out. Keep up the good work
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    sherlock4869 got a reaction from Demaar in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Hi,  just want to say thanks guys for translating the 18+ version on the game,  won't play the game yet and will when the patch comes out. Keep up the good work
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    sherlock4869 got a reaction from yelsha57 in Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi Translation Project [Partial Patch II Released]   
    Wow, i've read this vn when the patch just come out or sometime after that,  didn't finish the common route and just dropped this vn because i think the team had died or that there's no update and my english was rather bad at the time so i didn't really get the story >.<,  but after 3/4 years or more suddenly this vn popped up in vndb and i decided to check it up and bam,  the translation is still going apparently XD. i'll be sure to pick it up again when the patch comes out later,  good luck with the translation,  godspeed
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