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  1. So I was contacted by people from NekoNyan asking me to stop the project, and I agreed to do so. I'd rather not get into any legal trouble if I can help it. good news is though that since they asked me to stop, it's not impossible that an official english release will be made someday.
  2. see the disclaimer, I'm not really a forum person so I just took the lazy route
  3. Just as a disclaimer, I've dropped Fortune Arterial due to several cases of lost data as well as a general loss of interest. IMO this game is not that great and i've grown super sick of it.
  4. DISCONTINUED 1. VN Info 2. Synopsis 3. Project Introduction 4. The Patch/Progress 5. The Team Disclaimer-I'm not very good at forum-posting.
  5. It is, in fact, active. not as active as I'd like, but it exists.
  6. We plan on going over all the translation eventually, but we've only touched the untranslated text thus far. we plan on doing all three missing routes (Erika, Haruna, and True). Hopefully it won't take too long, though real life is a bitch.
  7. It is still going, I haven't really gone on fuwa much though. if you want to contact me at all I recommend doing so through the discord
  8. Will do!('◇')ゞ I'm working slowly but surely, balancing my schedule is the hardest part!
  9. I haven't heard anything from The Last Melody in some time, so I might be doing this alone from hence forth. No worries though, it's still coming along!
  10. if you can somehow put a ñ in ANSI please tell me, otherwise I have all the hacking done. Thanks for offering though.
  11. https://sites.google.com/site/fraiziartranslations/fortune-arterial-translation For those interested, I'm hosting the updates because I think it needs a dedicated site rather than just a forum post. Also feel free to contact me via my discord if you want to help or just want to talk or something https://discord.gg/G3naj6w
  12. Yeah, I was offerring to help with the translation, hacking, and everything in between. I can't claim to be fluent in Japanese, but I do know how to translate to an extent. I'm currently translating http://www.novelupdates.com/series/i-got-reincarnated-and-mistaken-as-a-genius/ to english on an irregular basis, so I don't see why I can't help with something else too, if irregularly.
  13. what do you mean only one TLer? I was offering to help with the translations :| Of course if the scripts are all already translated then I guess I'll just get to work on another August title, like finishing the one for aiyoku no eustia.
  14. So does that mean you have absolutely nothing done on it? because if so I can help with getting started I suppose. Some time next weekend I'll have time to write a program to extract all the untranslated lines and such, and then we can put all the lines in a public googledoc spreadsheet. once we finish translating certain files I can try reinserting the files every one in a while to make sure there aren't any problems. Also, if you don't plan on updating/keeping your site, I can post it all on my site that I use for my translations.
  15. Idk why the tools I use change the encoding, maybe it's due to the programming language it was made in, or the fact it's going from japanese text which uses wide characters in unicode, to english which might use ANSI (which doesn't support double width characters). basically the point is we probably won't be able to use japanese characters too easily if we are inserting things, but that isn't really an issue for translation. I used AnimeED (http://wks.arai-kibou.ru/ae.php) to unpack the .arc files, which are archives. in Fortune Arterial, the script files are in data01000.
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