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  1. Is there currently an available estimate as to how long each route is?
  2. I guess that's also one way of handling your least liked route. I don't really know why, but for some reason I tend to gravitate more towards the childhood friend character in visual novels as opposed to other media where I generally support anything but the childhood friend.
  3. I guess my style would be similar to yours, but in my case I choose my second favourite as the first followed by my least favourite, repeating the cycle and saving my favourite for last which at the very least guarantees that I have an end goal to strive for without burning myself out. A fellow man of culture saving the childhood friend as the finale.
  4. I guess that's one way in choosing what route you want, unintentional bad ends generally kill momentum for me though unless I actively seek out those endings.
  5. So with the recent release of the Hoshi Ori patch, I began pondering once more on the age-old question that I feel like every reader here as at least asked themselves once and that is which route should I pick first? Just as it is in real life, first impressions are very important, after all the first route you pick generally gives you a rough idea of what you would come to expect from the rest of the story. In my experience, starting off with a strong route that I generally like gives me a much better outlook of the overall VN even if the next route ends up being bad, as opposed to starting with a route that's bad or something I dislike which can have me just straight up dropping the VN or at the very least taking extensive break from reading it, even if the other routes are good. So how do you guys choose your first route when you choose to read something new?
  6. I feel like I worded that wrong but I'm just not in the mood for anything with too much gameplay in it but I'll try to check it out.
  7. Are the game play elements similar to Little Busters in that they are optional or are they like Aselia where the game play is pretty much mandatory and heavily integrated to the plot? Because I'm not really in the mood for anything with too much game play right now
  8. Not reallyt a fan of yuri or yaoi so i'm not too sure about pygmalion, same goes for a big harem VN as well which from what I've seen is something Koihime Musou is about.
  9. Pretty much all of the Nekonyan releases as well as the Ley-Line trilogy (I hope), and hopefully Sona Nyl, Baldr Sky, and Aiyoku No Eustia.
  10. I have completely forgotten that Little Busters had a baseball game in it probably due to the fact that I just skipped it entirely after two routes, and as for Kono Oozora, it does have a similar atmosphere to some of the games that I've read but these two alongside Muv-Luv are stuff I've already read. I might check out Sorcery Jokers though since it has been on my backlog for a while now. Fatal Twelve was something I was reading a while back, but something about it just felt kind of rushed with me barely liking any of the cast excluding two of the main characters but I might get back to it after finishing Under One Wing. Princess Waltz looks nice but it seems to have some more RPG elements to it something that I'm not really in the mood for right now. As for the reason I'd rather not read fate is because I already know most of the story from the TV series and I don't really like going into a story when I already know most of the major plot points unless there's a huge difference, this was also the reason why I didn't watch the Aokana anime back then because I never gave up hope for a translation for it :). Actually very excited about it and one of the reasons I came back to reading VNs is because it's finally coming. Was planning on reading this way back, but I got burned out after reading Dies Irae, which is what actually made me take my most recent extended break from VNs. Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, and while I understand some basic Chinese conversations, I can't read it though. But it seems learning Japanese seems to be the fastest way to getting most of what I want.
  11. Hello everyone long time lurker here but finally decided to create an account mostly for recommendations though. So I'm personally a huge fan of tournament arcs or competitions in any form of fiction really, with some of my favorite shows being pretty much just one big tournament arc as the plot (Needless to say I'm very excited about the upcoming Aokana translation) So right now I'm looking for any VN with a prominent tournament or competition in it. The story doesn't necessarily need to be centered around it but should at the very least play a major role in it. It should also be translated. Some VN's that I have read or are reading that feature a prominent tournament include: Koiken Otome, Majikoi S, and Under One Wing. Some other VN's that don't necessarily have a tournament but at least feature some sort of competition between groups that I've read include: Koichoco and Princess Evangile (Both of which feature a competition between the various groups and clubs) and Symphonic Rain(Music Competition) Any recommendations similar to what I described would be very appreciated! Oh and Fate is a no-go since I'm planning on just watching the movies. EDIT: Forgot to add Little Busters (Baseball Game) and I guess Kono Oozora since despite not really being a competition it does feel pretty similar to what I want.
  12. Hey everyone been a long time lurker in various VN communities and decided to make an account here mostly for recommendations though. The reason I don't really bother making accounts is more or less because I'm an on-off type of person, where I jump between interests pretty quickly although in the case for VN's however, that might change considering some of the games releasing this year have been on my watch list for years now and has pretty much rekindled my interest in these types of games.
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