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    Rastafoo got a reaction from Fiddle in Stories of Submission - Mistress Freyja   
    The game is under an hour long and very straight-forward. Your first time meeting Freyja, you’re a terrible slave who wastes her time. The second time, you impress her, and she considers making you her permanent slave. The game has 3 erotic scenes and 3 endings. In one ending, you fail to impress Freyja and she fucks another man right in front of you! Then she slams the door in your face and refuses to make you a slave! Getting cucked by a femdom goddess, I almost came in my pants! I felt like the writer is writing from experience, because the dialogue and setup was so believable. My only complaint is the shortness of the game. It’s only an hour long with three sex scenes.

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    Rastafoo reacted to ciel_yuri in Guilty - The SiN   
    Uhh so what's so good about it?
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    Rastafoo reacted to Plastic Memories in Beat Blades Haruka - Visual Novel Review   
    thanks 4 your contribution to Eroge games, i like the part when you pointed out your favourite OST and explained why to the readers !
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    Rastafoo got a reaction from Plastic Memories in Beat Blades Haruka - Visual Novel Review   
    The game has 88 base scenarios. Each scenario has 3 variations as it develops in intensity. For example “Serving the baseball team” is the setup, but it has three forms. The first is a simple blowjob while the last is a total gangbang. Altogether there are 150+ sex scenes. Counting scenarios, Haruka has 37 scenes. Narika has 29 scenes. Subaru has 13 scenes. And there are 9 miscellaneous scenes.
    Sex is divided into three categories. Loving sex is very direct, with lots of kissing and eye contact. Brutal sex is basically whoring her out to homeless people and random strangers. When you are defeated, the sex involves tentacles and monsters.
    With over 150 scenes, it’s impossible to describe them all. Have sex with your MILF teacher! Deflower your childhood friend! Turn invisible to publicly grope a girl. Make the head cheerleader fuck every guy in school. Get married and breed a baby!

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    Rastafoo reacted to Plk_Lesiak in NTR Visual Novels?   
    I love how dramatic these requests for hentai VNs often are.
    Well, those are not typical NTR hentai VNs, but you should still take a look at School Days and Shiny Days if you haven't already, there are TONS of optional cheating and cheating drama in those.
    VNDB suggests there's a few translated VNs with elements of NTR, but I guess it's not really that popular of a fetish...
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    Rastafoo reacted to ShinRaikdou in NTR Visual Novels?   
    Though its really popular in H-RPG on RPG maker engine, like President Yukino (it has voice acting) or infamous Thug Hero Party. I often notice them in feed when something new came out.
    I can't recommend something specific because I'm not into cuckoldry. You can ask about it on 4chan in 2D Hentai Games General /hgg2d/, they've always talks about that stuff.
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    Rastafoo got a reaction from Fiddle in NTR Visual Novels?   
    Please help! I'm trying to branch out and find more NTR content in English, but it seems like only that developer Atelier Sakura has any! Games I've played include
    Marina's Cuckolding Report Mayumi's Cuckolding Report Please Bang My Wife And a bunch of other DLsite RPG Maker titles.
    Keep me posted if you find any!
    Love,   Rastafoo
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