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  1. I feel you, I am also fairly new (have read less than 6 or 7) and don't like how vn tries so hard to hide their faces and they have no voices most of the times. I usually tend to avoid those kinds of vn.
  2. Inamuma Rio from Dracu-Riot would fit the description perfectly, I also think she had the best route in the vn.
  3. I don't like self-insert protagonist, this huge list is awesome!!! It just pains me to see when a VN tries so hard to the hide the male lead. Thanks!!
  4. I am already halfway through her route but couldn't stand her anymore. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I was playing Koichoco and didn't know that Chisato's route was forced. I really want to play satsuki's route without playing the chisato's route but I can't seem to get savefiles. There is thread on fuwanovel that provides save files, but it doesn't work and took me the first route again. There was another thread on reddit, but the save files on MEGA seem to have been expired. Can someone please give me savefiles of chisato's compleated route. I will really appreaciate it.
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