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  1. Azur Lane

    Thread for Azur Lane , a game where you take the role of a commander and do dirty things with your ship waifus(can also take responsability and marry them), OBT for english version got launched 3 days ago for both IOS and Android in US and CA. Will also be released in SEA region on the 30th of August(R.I.P Europe). OBT gameplay will not be wiped. Gameplay: Players can collect characters that are anthropomorphic representations of World War II warships, mainly from the fleets of United States Navy, Royal Navy of United Kingdom, Imperial Japanese Navy and Nazi Kriegsmarine, with the former 3 most heavily represented. Players can then organize them into six-ship fleets that are used to confront AI-controlled enemies or the fleets of other players. Plot and Setting: The start of this game features an anthropomorphic recreation of Battle of The Denmark Strait, where the personification of famed British battlecruiser HMS_Hood is sunk by in-game equivalent of German forces. The rest of the game's main plot vaguely follows United States naval engagements in the Pacific War, with chapters representing several decisive battles of the war, including the Battle of Midway, Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, and Mariana and Palau Islands Campaign. Settings of this game features an eponymous military alliance, Azur Lane, formed by in-game equivalent of the United States, the United Kingdom, Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany, split off in two due to alien intervention, with the Germany and Japan-equivalent forming an opposing faction, Red Axis using technology provided by aliens to invade Azur Lane countries. While the featured aliens, named Sirens in-game, are not present in the main plot as of yet, several time-limited event stages featured them directly, either as enemy units alongside Japanese and German-equivalent forces, or as an observing force in the story. I will also add that this has a Neptunia Collab. HAVE FUN!😆 Azur Lane Wiki: http://blhx.wikia.com/wiki/Azur_Lane_Wiki Azur Lane reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/ Azur Lane Review: https://criticalindex.net/first-impressions-an-initial-look-at-azur-lane-31b7d2a443e Azur Lane Beguinner Guides: https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/comments/7bu2vo/azur_lane_quick_beginner_starter_guide/