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  1. Apologies for double posting but I'm not about to make a whole new thread for this shit. I mentioned this in the thread, but the Konosora Retranslation Patch has an interesting problem in Wineskin: the game works, it starts, videos play if you have K-Lite installed, you can quicksave and quickload via the little menu in the text box, but you cannot save or load. Clicking on the save or load button anywhere in the game from any menu results in an instant crash. Meanwhile, the unpatched MoeNovel version on Steam works just fine and does not have this problem, so the patch is definitely part of it. It feels like it may be a longshot, and it's possible that it just won't ever work and I should give up, but at this point I'm kind of just curious as to what the hell the difference even is that results in this error, let alone if there's a solution.
  2. I've run into a very strange problem with the Steam version. The patch installs fine, but for some reason with the patch, I can't load. I click load at the title screen and it just crashes. The weirdest part is that if I try this with the unpatched version, it works fine! I cannot for the life of me figure out what the trouble is. Quicksaving and loading works, so long as you do it after hitting new game... Is this because I'm running the game with Wineskin, somehow?
  3. I got the first and third Ace Attorney games (JFA was sold out at my local GameStop, apparently) for Christmas 2007 and never looked back.
  4. What's most important in my opinion is that there be enough hints that you COULD predict it, so that even if you don't, you can think back to specific moments and go "ohhhhhhhhhh" or even better, go back on a second playthrough and be like "motherFUCKER how did I MISS THAT", I always love that feeling. It's also fun to be right as well, as long as it wasn't blindingly, insultingly obvious while the game tries to play it like a big reveal. Also, the best mysteries have more than one mystery. Like, JUST a whodunit is boring. It needs to also have questions of like, howdunit, whydunit, whendunit, wheredunit, and/or whatdunit. And characters should be actively investigating, it's way boring if the answer to the mystery just falls into their laps, unless the mystery was a background element.
  5. I can't stand imoutos. I'm so sick of them. I hate blood-related imoutos because the incest thing totally grosses me out (especially since I have a little sister myself), but I also hate adopted/step-/oh she's actually your cousin imoutos, because not only should they still not be attracted to the protagonist in that way if they were raised together like siblings anyway, but it also just feels like such a cheap cop out. Like, if you're gonna go there, you might as well go all the way, you cowards! I'll still hate it but at least I'll know you had some goddamn balls! At this point, I would take a million osananajimis over another goddamn imouto any day.
  6. Using the older version of AlphaROMDiE and that file for Yoake both worked! Thank you so much!
  7. My Wineskin wrapper version is 2.6.2 and its engine is WS9Wine2.22 so I think I'm good on that end. And according to several sources, reg.exe IS the way to get around having a disk...
  8. Hi, brand new here! So earlier this month I bit the bullet and bought Planetarian and CLANNAD on Steam and finally figured out how to get Steam for Windows running through Wineskin, and then figured out that I could get other games running through it as well. I've since gotten a bunch of other VNs running. However, I have encountered a few problems with other games (and one or two with two of these). In running CLANNAD I cannot get the intro movie working. I know this isn't a big deal, but I can't figure out why it won't work. I've followed the advice here but it still doesn't work. Any advice? And when running Wind ~a breath of heart~, I installed ffdshow as the help files suggested, which got the sound for the opening movie working, but not the video. Neither of these are particularly big deals though. My first big problem is ONE ~To the Radiant Season~. It has no problems when I open it up, and everything seems to work fine when I hit new game, the text goes and the sound works, but after I get to the title screen, at the point where my checking a YouTube playthrough tells me I should be seeing a calendar with a date being circled, the game stops working. The window turns black and the music cuts out. What's really frustrating is that there isn't even an error message, so I have NO idea what the issue is. Has anyone else ever experienced this? The second is Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na. I try to open it with BGI.exe but I just get an error saying that reg.exe has encountered a serious problem and has to quit and a message saying "「夜明け前より瑠璃色な - Brighter than dawning blue」を[X]入してください" where [X] is a character that won't load, even though I have set the Wineskin's locale to Japanese (which I know has worked because the message has Japanese in it and isn't just gibberish like it was before). Hitting OK just makes the error message about reg.exe appear again. I don't know what reg.exe is or why it's giving me errors. Is this just a game I can't run in Wineskin? I'd at least like to know if there's anything before I can do before I give up. The last is the one I least expect to work. I can't get AlphaROMDiE to work when I try to get the Yuki Yuna VN working. No matter how many times I drag the .exe to the AlphaROMDiE window, it doesn't respond. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do? I'm so sorry for asking so many (probably dumb) questions and thank you for any help you can give! (and if these should have their own threads or something I can do that, I just don't want to clog up the forum)
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