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  1. 1 minute ago, bakauchuujin said:

    one for the gremlin Umaru, one for UMR her gaming identity and one for outside Umaru. Then there is also one ending for Ebina one for Kirie and one for Sylphinford. On top of that there are as I mentioned extra endings after that where Umaru ends up in some proffesion depending on stats.

    The endings for umaru are what she will become in the future? The others routes are romance ending?

  2. 13 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    I'm sure there were discussions like that, but to be honest, there weren't that many IRL topics here lately outside of confessions or random small-talk. Thus, I have few points of reference, particularly with stuff this serious and immediate in its nature. I consider this a special case and as it's that far detached from the Forums' main topic, it's not the primary thing the rules are here to protect – free discussion of VNs and various popcultural topics. I feel this is necessary and I'm going to stand by it – if it's overturned or even costs me my admin powers, so be it.

    And there are a lot of informations on the media because this is a serious matter. People already know what to do because each country governement gave instructions for the well being of everyone. I don't know what you expect by censoring the people here (for personnal reason furthermore), because yeah, people will feel censored now, and it is everything but a good idea. Well, this is just my point of view, I can somehow understand yours and I respect it, but the difference is that we have to submit for something all of us might not agree. If the old topic was really a problem, you could just mod there, instead of deleting it and create your own.

    It won't cost you anything, we all know this so no need to be so dramatic.

  3. 3 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Hey there people!

    I apologize for my arguable overreach, but I've decided to take down the original thread as I felt troubled by the direction it was going. While everyone's free to discuss the pandemic, I strongly plead to everyone to keep the thread as fact-based as possible and focus on things we can do to keep ourself safe in this crisis.

    I feel troubled as well. i don't know what was the old topic about, but this forum is (or was) about liberal expression as long as they no one breaks any rule, this is the first time I see a mod forcing their way because they have the authority to do so. Furthermore, as far as I remember, I saw far worse topic around about irl issue than coronavirus and no one said anything lol.

  4. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, someone started translating on a VN focusing on imoutos. I only remember that a lot of "imoutos" claimed to be engaged with the MC, while he didn't seem to know any of them. So all the heroine started to engage into a war litteraly). I thought it was called "Imouto sensou" or something like that but after a search it seems I was wrong. I remember there were quite a lot of heroine. It isn't translated. Someone has an idea what can this VN be?

  5. 12 hours ago, Zephyrast said:

    TL here.

    Glad to see people care about this project. It makes it even more worthwhile.

    Things slowed down a bit over the holidays as I dealt with family obligations and all that jazz but the pace should be picking up again shortly. As for the progress, I'll leave specific updates to the team lead but rest assured that things are still progressing well.

    People do, but I guess no one dare since usually people get lectured when they ask for update so rest assured

  6. 1 hour ago, bakauchuujin said:

    Most dissapointing ones I read this year 

    Plastic Memories first part of it just covers the events of the anime, so basically just the first part of the anime without the animation (appart from a few scenes where they just took a clip from the anime because it was an emotional moment they were unable to do without just using the anime) and with most of the CGs being taken from anime (basically the anime without the animation and phasing, other point of view scenes were also removed so you just see things from Tsukasa's side). As for the original content most of it is slice of life scenes of the main characters which tends to range from decent to boring. There are also some routes added and while I found them enjoyable they were way too short pretty much ending as I felt things were begining to happen by just rushing to the end.

    Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijou Shigatai Game no You na Mono has 1 good joke at the start where it uses the VN media in a good way and from that point onwards it is only a dissapointment. First part covers the first season of the anime and does it lazily using art from the anime for most things rather than original CGs. The 2nd part is on the weaker side with a rather uninteresting plot and no inventiveness with the comedy which just makes the comedy stale. Then there is the fact that you need to go through it 8 times from start to finish with like 40 choices to reach the different ending and 6 of these 8 times you need to read a large part twice because there is a normal and a good ending, with the endings pretty much just being like 2-3 min long and skipping through the VN takes 1 hour if you know every choice to take and you are constantly stopped because of the insane amount of choices. It is quite bad when skipping through the VN with a guide to reach all endings take longer than reading the VN once.


    These 2 VNs did not at all live up to their much more enjoyable anime.


    Did you try the oreigaru games?

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