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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. VNR is back online!

    For some reason most of my games aren't saved in the Spring Board and get randomly deleted. Anyone have this happen or have any idea how to fix it? Like I add 20 games, restart VNR and 10 will dissapear, add another 5 and then I randomly only have 1 which I added ages ago. Seems like adding them as admin makes them stay longer (like I added 20 as admin, restarted and they stayed, then turned admin mode off, added another 10 and they all dissapear again, even the ones I added as admin >_>) but using admin mode doesn't let me drag and drop the games to the board so it takes a long time and I wanted to have add all my games. Any idea? Haven't tried an older version (I downloaded the Library.rar and have the newest version I think) since I don't want to mess around too much but if people tell me this is fixed on older versions then I might go with that.
  2. Been having this issue too. Login fails, can't check for updates and trying to make edit to translation fails too. Guess it's a problem with the host. Anyone know a way to make edits to the translation locally (setting them as only "only for myself" doesn't help), it's annoying how some character names are wrong and you can't fix it. :\