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  1. Kachuna(BxG) 100% Funded

    @Kaito1 Thank you for your interest in our visual novel. Glad you like the 'heroines' designs. ^^ We will look in partial voice acting. @Everyone else We have reach our initial amount for kickstarter and now attempting to reach our stretch goals. Please help out by pledging if you can or spreading the word! Kachuna Kickstarter Here is an example of all tapestry if you are curious about the rewards on our kickstarter. We do plan to have more raunchy ones but they are still in development.
  2. Kachuna(BxG) 100% Funded

    Hey again, We just launch our kickstarter campaign. I hope you can take sometime to look and possibly donate. Spreading the words will help also! Kachuna Kickstarter
  3. Kachuna(BxG) 100% Funded

    Hey everyone. We start our steam greenlight page yesterday and would like if you guys can support us with yes vote. Here it is the link: Kachuna steam greenlight
  4. Kachuna(BxG) 100% Funded

    @ Unlimitedmoeworks Thank you for your comment and feedback Unlimitedmoeworks but the art for Kachuna is set in stone. We still take your feedback in account for other of our projects though. We are planning to have more curves and such for our other projects. @Niel We are glad you are interested in limited edition $120 reward. It may be less than japanese vn but it should be more than for evn. @ Everyone else We are pushing our greenlight page to March 8th and kickstarter on March 15 instead the previous dates for various reason. We have completed our PV for our campaign and Kachuna though. You can watch it down below. I should mention His Chunnibyou does not cure is the english title.
  5. Tamaya Kagiya says Hi

    Thank you everyone for welcoming us to this forum We are having fun with our projects so far and hope to share them soon!
  6. Kachuna(BxG) 100% Funded

    Note: We are 100% funded on kickstarter and we are trying to raise enough funds for our stretch goals. If you can please talk to your friends about pledging and possibly pledge yourself! Our first stretch goal is eroge scenario for the Kachuna! Plot: You are a Game Designer! Play as Jun Mizushima, a gaming school student who suffers from "chuunibyou", or "eighth grade syndrome", a condition in which the afflicted genuinely believe that they posses superpowers. Aside from that, Jun is a charismatic young man, who is really determined to create a video game of his own. Join Jun and his eccentric, yet talented, group of friends to win the annual International Youth Game Development Competition! Kachuna Demo Demo Kickstarter Kickstarter link Steam Greenlight Steam Greenlight Link Video Who is the character of Kachuna? Features: 1920x1080 resolution. Ability to switch between English and Japanese in text. (Japanese text is now be a stretch goal) Japanese VO(Stretch Goal) Map feature( Players are allow to clicks in map for different scenarios) Screenshot: Development Staff: 馬洽卡Yan - Character artist Bo Ri - Background & CG artist & Logo artist Ran08 - Writer & Programmer Avagrande (Ayano) - Gui programmer Nyanime - PM, Composer, Gui artist & Graphic Designer UPA - Editor Bat-tan/Zero -Project Leader Comments Fill free to leave your comments and feedback here.
  7. Tamaya Kagiya says Hi

    Hello! We are a new startup visual novel studio called Tamaya Kagiya. My business partner and I have been working on our first game since December 2016 called Kare no Chuunibyou ha Naoranai or Kachuna for short. We decided to join this community to share our visual novels and possibly interact with you all. We hope we all can get along.