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  1. To sarkasmus: Yeap, that's the mobile games, sorry, I even didn't think about something for PC. When I'm at home I usually study-work and don't have time for any games at all. So I played on the way to home. That's a tricky question to find a game for PC, but I saw such game on one portal dedicated to the Japan culture. I will try to find it...
  2. I like Kanji Senpai, that is not a game, but very good education program, that helps me a lot. The best in this app is that the audios are professionally audio recorded from a Japanese native teacher. But if you need a game try Kanji Battle. For the graphic is awful, but maybe you will like it, I took from the blog theappsdepot It only the one that I tried, probably you find something better.
  3. Wow, that's like a treasure! Congrats!;)
  4. Not a problem, have done!
  5. Yes, I use Tumblr and DeviantArt the most, of course Youtube is in my favorite.
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